• Television Controversy surrounding the Netflix documentary on the crime of the Guardia Urbana: "It is complicit in bringing post-truth to justice"

Two weeks after the premiere of the series on Netflix 'The body in flames' about the so-called 'crime of the Urban Guard', Rosa Peral, convicted of the murder of her partner and partner in the body Pedro R., has broken her silence. In the series the character of Peral stars the actress Úrsula Corberó while the actor Quim Gutierrez plays Albert López, the other agent of the police force of Barcelona convicted of the crime. The three formed a love triangle that ended tragically, according to the sentence of the Court of Barcelona that sentenced Rosa Peral in 2020 to 25 years in prison for murdering with López, sentenced to 20 years, her partner in the house they shared in Vilanova.

After the crime they hid the body in the trunk of a car and set it on fire near the Foix reservoir. The two murderers and the victim were members of the Guardia Urbana of Barcelona. Peral also appears in the documentary released by Netflix explaining his version of the crime, a production that has not sat well with some of its participants since they consider that the approach aims to exculpate the convicted. However, Rosa has wanted to defend her position in statements to several media, such as Catalunya Ràdio that issued an interview with her in which she assures that the directors of the documentary intended that the spectators draw their own opinion about the crime.

Thus, Rosa Peral remarked in this interview that "the idea was to show that everything became very media before the trial" and that it was not fulfilled "that I am innocent until proven otherwise. When I came to trial it seemed that I was guilty and I had to prove that I was not." About the documentary he added that "they told me that they could help me by making a documentary and you can expose and that everyone gives their version and then people have their opinion. That it was not as it has been until now that everything has been said that has given them the desire. If they want to make a show saying I'm manipulative... Well, I'm already manipulative" and that's why she decided to expose her version.

Also in Catalunya Ràdio, Rosa's father, Francisco Peral, said that the Netflix series gives an unreal image of his daughter and that "Rosa is not a monster and is being strong for the daughters." He also remarked that Lopez remains as "the good guy of the movie" in the series. Judicial sources point out that Rosa maintains that Albert was the real responsible for the crime and considers him a "psychopath" in addition to considering that his exposure to the media, with the appearance of the series and the documentary on Netflix, generates an "extra sentence". The Department of Justice of the Generalitat examines the use of Peral's communications with the media in case it could transgress the internal prison regulations.

Last week, the Court of Barcelona urged that the proceeds of Peral and López from their participation in Netflix be seized to pay the more than 800,000 euros of compensation owed to the victim's family. However, Peral "neither charged nor asked" for money for these audiovisual projects, according to his lawyer Nuria González. At the moment, no money has been claimed from Albert López for the book he published from prison on Amazon in which he told his version of the crime and blamed Rosa for everything, since he assured that he only covered it up for love.

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