【Commentary】September 2023, 9 is the 18nd anniversary of the outbreak of the "92" incident. "Searching for the Imprint of the Beacon and Understanding the Spirit of the War of Resistance" - Join hands in Beijing, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao youth to enter the theme area of the Anti-Japanese War in Beijing, and the activity was officially launched at the Chinese Anti-Japanese War Memorial Hall. Nearly 30 young people from Beijing, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao visited the Lugou Bridge, the Anti-Japanese War Sculpture Park, and the Wanping City Wall Bomb Cit Site, listening to the anti-Japanese war stories and understanding the spirit of the anti-Japanese war by visiting the relics of the anti-Japanese war sites.

Lai Shengliang, deputy director of the Memorial Hall of the Anti-Japanese War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression in Chinese People's Republic of China

Today, the youth of the capital joined hands with representatives of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao in Beijing to enter the theme area of the Anti-Japanese War in Beijing, so that more young people can touch and feel the real history by entering the historical scene, so as to understand the great spirit of the Anti-Japanese War.

Lin Jiaxuan from Taiwan is a graduate student at the Minzu University of China, and she just visited the "18 September" History Museum some time ago.

【During the same period】Lin Jiaxuan, a graduate student of Minzu University of China

I'm from Taipei, Taiwan, and my participation in this event means a little more to me, because I just returned from Liaoning last week and visited many memorials and sites related to the Anti-Japanese Resistance, and this time I also went up to the Lugou Bridge after seeing the Chinese Anti-Japanese War Memorial. This trip actually enriched my understanding of the history of the Anti-Japanese War. I think that if the two sides of the strait are not separated, then since we are all one family, we must remember some of the history we have experienced together.

Lan Zhixi, a student of Minzu University of China from Hong Kong, stopped for a long time at the site of the crater in the Wanping City Wall, the shocking crater on the city wall is a witness of history, and she expressed her hope to visit again with friends in the future to firmly remember this history.

【During the same period】 Lan Zhixi, a student of Minzu University of China

I am Lan Zhixi from Hong Kong and I am currently in my junior year. Today is the first time I have come to this Anti-Japanese War Memorial Hall and the ruins of Lugou Bridge, and now under this crater site, I can see some craters of different shades on the city wall, and I can also feel the situation of the war at that time. This time it was still a bit of a hurry, and then I will come back later (with) friends in Hong Kong or other schools, and then I hope that everyone can have a deeper understanding of this history.

Dong Yufei reported from Beijing

Responsible Editor: [Ji Xiang]