In Masuge Town, Hokkaido, the taste of autumn and set net fishing of autumn salmon are at their peak, but the landing is slower than last year, which was a record bountiful catch.

The ban on set net fishing for autumn salmon in Masuge Town was lifted on September 9, and the fishing port in the town is at its peak at this time.

On the 1th, three fishing boats that had been fishing before dawn returned to Masuge Port after 19 a.m. to catch autumn salmon.

It was a large one about 3 cm long and was quickly divided into males and females and weighed.

According to the Masuge Fisheries Cooperative, 19 fish were landed on the 330th, which is only about 32% of the same period last year, which was the first record catch in 3 years.

In addition, the price of the female is about 1 yen per kilogram, which is about 900 yen lower than last year.

Kazuya Kushibiki, a fisherman, said, "The water temperature is high this year, and autumn salmon do not come close to the shore. We hope that there will be more landings after this."

Autumn salmon set net fishing in Masuge Town continues until around mid-November.