September 9

In Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Convened by UNESCO

Resolution adopted by the 45th session of the World Heritage Assembly

China's "Pu'er Jingmai Mountain Ancient Tea Forest Cultural Landscape"

Inscription on the World Heritage List

The number of World Heritage Sites in China increased to 57

"Pu'er Jingmai Mountain Ancient Tea Forest Cultural Landscape"

It became the world's first tea-themed world cultural heritage

The picture shows Pu'er Jingmai Mountain. Photo by China News Agency reporter Liu Ranyang

"The traditional way of 'tea cultivation under the forest'

Physical illustrations and typical representatives preserved to the present day"

"It shows the harmony between man and nature

Simple ecological ethics and wisdom in harmony between people"

Description in the text of the application

Reveal it to people

The value of this new World Heritage Site

The picture shows Jingmai Mountain tea farmers picking tea leaves. Photo by Wen Yunli

People in this life

A must visit to Pu'er

Thousands of years ago

This is where the encounter between man and tea takes place

The picture shows Jingmai Mountain tea farmers picking tea leaves. Photo by China News Agency reporter Liu Ranyang

Over here

Drink a cup of Pu-erh tea that blends in with the taste of time

The picture shows Pu'er Jingmai Mountain Pu'er tea. Photo by China News Agency reporter Liu Ranyang

In Pu'er

Tea is an ancient belief

It is also a daily way of life

From the "first tea ancestor" 3540.<> million years ago -

Fossil of the Jinggu broadleaf magnolia (new species).

By the age of more than 1300 "Five Tea Ancestors" -

Jingmai Mangjing cultivated 10,000 mu ancient tea

Important physical evidence of the five stages of the development history of tea plants

Realizing "Five Generations in the Same House" here

In 2013

Pu'er City was awarded by the International Tea Commission

The title of "World Tea Source"

The picture shows the Pu'er tea review process. Photo by Wen Yunli

Over here

Drink a cup of coffee that testifies to the cultural exchange between China and foreign countries

Feel the smell of trees from the distant mountains

The picture shows Pu'er specialty coffee. Photo courtesy of the Propaganda Department of the Pu'er City CPC Committee Photo by Lu Lei

In Pu'er

Coffee is a classical style

It is also a fashion career with great development potential

More than 98% of China's coffee is produced in Yunnan

Among them, it is located in Pu'er on the Tropic of Cancer

One of the first areas in China to grow coffee

In 2022, coffee production accounted for more than 50% of the national production

Known as the "Paradise of Arabica"

Also known as the "Coffee Capital of China"

The picture shows the 3rd Yunnan Green Coffee Bean Competition and the 6th Pu'er Green Coffee Bean Competition. Photo by China News Agency reporter Liu Ranyang

"Left Hand Coffee, Right Hand Tea"

In Pu'er, "one city, two flavors"

It's easy to achieve "double happiness" in life

Of course, don't be greedy

Because it is also rated by netizens

"The most sleepless city in China"

Over here

Feel the sun at 19.5°C

and the joy of being surrounded by negative oxygen ions

The picture shows Dicui in Pu'er Tea City. Photo courtesy of the Propaganda Department of the Pu'er Municipal Party Committee Photo by Wang Chengji

The green mountains are like dai and green

The clouds are shrouded and the scenery is misty

It is located in the low-latitude highland monsoon climate zone

Including northern tropics, South Asian tropics, central subtropics,

There are 5 climatic zones in northern subtropical and temperate zones

The forest coverage rate is as high as 74.59%

Nearly one-third of the country's species are preserved

It is known as the "royal palace of Yunnan's animal and plant kingdom"

It is an important security ecological barrier in the southwest of the motherland

Hailed by UN Environment

"The paradise of the world, the world of heaven"

The picture shows a red panda eating bamboo leaves, sticking out its tongue and selling cute. Photo by Zhong Xin

Over here

Listen to the vicissitudes of the ancient road that has been around for more than 1800,<> years

The oldest foreign economic and trade route in China's history——

The Tea Horse Road starts from here

To the north through Ning'er, Mojiang, Yuanjiang and Yuxi

Direct to Kunming and then to Beijing

Go west through Lijiang and Shangri-La into Tibet

Then to India and Nepal








图为茶马古道。中新社记者 黄兴鸿 摄








图为“一市连三国”“一江通五邻”的普洱。中新社记者 黄兴鸿 摄

















图为景迈山茶农。闻云丽 摄



图为2017年,景迈山傣族姑娘玉摆与法国小伙威廉喜结良缘。钟欣 摄



"The Wa People Sing New Songs" and "Asparagus Love Song"

Sing it here

It sang the yearning of the masses of all nationalities for a better life

"Mu Pa Mipa", "Lochi Loye and Zaszai"

It tells the course of the creation and development of the Pu'er people

There are also gourd festivals, songkran festivals, wooden drum festivals, etc

Revel here

Let everyone sing and dance and let them go

Over here

Take a culinary journey that will never last for you

Perceive the customs and customs of Pu'er with the tip of your tongue

Horse gangs shuttling through the ancient tea horse road

"A few stones to build a pot stove, a Luo pot to break into the world"

Horse gang cuisine was created that "can be eaten into a dish"

The picture shows Pu'er horse gang dishes. Photo courtesy of Pu'er Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism

Menglian toast banquet that has been passed down for hundreds of years

In frying and steaming

It shows the local people's attachment to nature

The picture shows the Menglian toast banquet. Photo courtesy of Pu'er Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism

Tea leaves, camellia flowers and tea sticks are added to gourmet cooking

At a "full tea banquet"

Taste the romance that belongs to Pu'er

Of course

Simao chicken tofu, Lahu chicken

Wa porridge, Jingdong thin bean flour

Jinggu beef raw, Ximeng chicken rotten rice and other special delicacies

It's even more dizzying

The picture shows Pu'er special food. Photo courtesy of the Propaganda Department of the Pu'er City CPC Committee Photo by Lu Lei

There are also Dendrobium puernes,

Jiangcheng orange, Menglian avocado, etc

A batch of green food

Let you eat happily and eat with confidence

The picture shows a Wa girl and an avocado. Photo courtesy of the Publicity Department of the Pu'er Municipal Party Committee

In this life, people must go to Pu'er

Feel the Pu'er tea culture and appreciate the unique national customs

Taste the aroma of a city of coffee and find the taste of the distant mountains and forests

Walk through the ancient Tea Horse Road and experience the horse gang culture that traveled through thousands of years

Live in the forest and be neighbors with cute animals


The picture shows the Pu'er Jingmai Mountain residential village. Photo by Wen Yunli

AI also went to Pu'er

Let's take a look at Pu'er in the eyes of AI

In Pu'er

To the mountains, to the water, to the clouds

In Pu'er

Experience a life called Yunnan

Authors: Wang Jingya, Liu Lihui, Hong Yi, Liu Chenyu

Drawing: Sino-Singapore AI Lab

Editor: Han Jiaojiao

Responsible editor: Peng Dawei

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