Beijing, September 9 (Reporter Xu Jing) The reporter learned from Beijing Performing Arts Group on the 18th that the classic work of the Chinese Acrobatic Troupe under the group "Pretty Hua Dan, Collective Empty Bamboo" won the "Gold Award" of the second Russian "Borderless" International Circus Festival, and received a warm invitation from acrobatic circus festivals around the world after the competition, and the overseas performance market of Chinese acrobatic troupes will be fully restarted.

A still from "Pretty Hua Dan Collective Empty Bamboo". Photo by Ma Wenyu

This year's "Borderless" International Circus Festival is jointly organized by the Russian Ministry of Culture and the Russian State Circus Company, and groups from more than ten countries and regions including Russia, China, Mexico, Italy, and Ethiopia conduct artistic exchanges. Among them, there are both highly skilled high-altitude programs, humorous and witty antics, and thrilling acrobatic programs, and excellent programs compete on the same stage, which is very exciting, and the competition for medals is very fierce.

The classic work of the Chinese Acrobatic Troupe "Pretty Hua Dan, Collective Empty Bamboo" finally stood out and won the "Gold Award" with its exquisite technical presentation and exquisite artistic expression. The new generation of young actors won the eighth gold award for this classic show that has been passed down for 20 years, and also won the 69th gold award for the Chinese Acrobatic Troupe.

Founded in 2003, the program is based on the traditional Chinese acrobatic "Empty Bamboo" program, and has achieved perfect integration and innovation with Peking Opera elements in terms of acrobatic skills, choreography and presentation, prop installation, costume modeling, musical rhythm, etc. The show adopts the lingzi in the costumes of Peking Opera opera, which not only puts forward higher requirements for the action design and technical level of the empty bamboo program, but also brings breakthrough changes to the stage image of the actors of the entire show, and the classic Peking Opera charm draws the finishing touch of Chinese elements for the program. At the same time, the breakthrough of "cultural and martial arts", light and smooth performance, elegant and magnificent rhythm and other essential elements of Peking Opera art have also jointly achieved the masterpieces of acrobatic art.

It is understood that since its birth, the program "Pretty Hua Dan Collective Empty Bamboo" has performed in 64 countries and regions around the world, and has been performed more than 2000,<> times, and the audience watching the show has exceeded <> million. The gold medal in Russia is the eighth gold award won by the show in the world, and the program continues to receive invitations from acrobatic circus festivals around the world, effectively spreading Chinese national culture and art to audiences from all over the world.

A still from "Pretty Hua Dan Collective Empty Bamboo". Photo by Ma Wenyu

Li Chi, head of the Chinese Acrobatic Troupe, said that participating in this international circus festival is an important step for the Chinese Acrobatic Troupe to seize the opportunity and restart the international performance market. The Chinese Acrobatic Troupe has received commercial performance invitations from Turkey, Hungary and other countries, and in response to the current big circus business carried out by the Chinese Acrobatic Troupe, the Chinese Acrobatic Troupe plans to invite world-class acrobatics and circus shows to enter the Chinese market, which also means that the overseas performance market of the Chinese Acrobatic Troupe will be fully restarted. (End)