Drugs seized in Australia (symbolic image)

Photo: REUTERS/ Australian Federal Police

Police in Australia have struck a major blow against organized drug crime. During a week-long operation, security forces detained almost a thousand suspects and seized 1.2 tons of drugs, according to official figures.

Nationwide, more than 400 raids were carried out and drugs worth a total of 475 million Australian dollars (286 million euros) were seized, the authorities said on Tuesday. This included more than 800 kilograms of methamphetamine and around 4000 cannabis plants. In addition, firearms, vehicles and various luxury goods were confiscated.

»Drug trafficking affects us all«

"While this is an incredible result, it also underscores the seemingly insatiable demand for illicit substances in Australia," said Dan Ryan, Victoria State Police Chief. "Drug trafficking affects us all, whether it's because of related crime in our local communities or in the form of traffic accidents, family violence, murders and shootings."

Australian authorities have some of the world's most advanced technology and resources, said John Hutchison of the Western Australia Police. The latest success should be a warning to all those involved in drug trafficking and organized crime: "We will find you and bring you to justice."