A tournament in which mascot characters from all over Aomori Prefecture, so-called "Yuru-chara," compete for the sumo championship was held in Tsugaru City on the 18th for the first time in four years.

The "Aomori Prefecture National Yuru-Chara Sumo Tournament," which is held by an NPO to raise interest in the region through sumo tournaments by so-called "Yuru-chara" in various parts of Aomori Prefecture, was held for the first time in four years due to the influence of the Corona disaster.

A total of 4 Yuru-chara from local governments and companies in the prefecture participated, and the popular character "Kumamon" from Kumamoto Prefecture was also invited as a special guest as a cheering team.

At the shopping center in Tsugaru City, where the event was held, Kumamon stepped on the shiko and performed dances to liven it up, and then a sumo tournament was held.

Yuru-chara was working hard to win the championship, and in some cases, part of the costume was removed.

In the final, the character "Umaichi-kun" from the Tsugaru City Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the character "Tsururin" from Tsuruta Town faced off against each other, and "Umaichi-kun" scored a throwing technique at the edge of the ring and won the championship for the first time.

A third-grade elementary school student from Hirosaki City, who visited the venue, said, "I was cheering for all the Yuru characters, and it was powerful and interesting."

The winner said, "I'm happy to win the championship, and I want to do my best next year to win the title for the second time in a row."