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  • TV This has been the debut of Ana Rosa Quintana in the afternoons of Telecinco with TardeAR

Although it is too early to assess the audiences of the afternoons with forcefulness, the first afternoon in which Ana Rosa Quintana returned to television and this time slot with her TardeAR and, therefore, faced the And now Sonsoles de Sonsoles Ónega, ended with the victory of what until now was the queens of the morning on which she was her partner, but not with full glory, since the double chapter of The Promise in La 1 surpassed both programs.

According to data from Barlovento, Ana Rosa Quintana's program had a discreet premiere in terms of audiences: it achieved an 11.3% share of the screen and 905,000 viewers on average. Meanwhile, the Sonsoles Ónega program achieved an 11.1% share and 828,000 viewers.

For its part, the strategy of the public chain to broadcast two chapters of The Promise went round surpassing both programs: it achieved a 12.9% share of screen and was the only evening format to exceed one million viewers: 1,152,000.

It is true that the three broadcasts did not coincide completely in schedule. TardeAR started at 17.00, an hour before Y ahora Sonsoles and an hour after La Promesa. Thus, the audience data in the strict coincidence range, from 18:05 p.m. to 19:54 p.m., the series of La 1 technically tied with Ana Rosa Quintana, while Sonsoles Ónega lost the game.

La Promesa, El Comodín and El Cazador (the three programs of the public network that were broadcast in that slot) made 11.14% bringing together 829,000 viewers on average, TardeAR achieved 11.13% and 828,000 viewers and Y ahora Sonsoles 10.6% and 790,000 viewers.

The first chapter garnered 12.4% and 1,165,000 viewers; the second reached 13.6% and 1,142,000 spectators.

According to the consultancy Dos30', the new Telecinco program managed to improve the afternoon slot by 22.8%, marking 13.3% in the commercial target, the segment most valued by advertisers.

In addition, TardeAR managed to exceed by 0.6% the premiere this summer of Así es la vida, Sandra Barneda's program, although it was far from the data of Sálvame. In the same week, but last year, Sálvame Naranja, whose emission was from 17.00 to 20.00, the same as TardeAR achieved a 14.5% share and 1,154,000 viewers on average.

If we compare the data of a week ago, the program of Ana Rosa Quintana improved by 2.6% the data of Así es la vida, which last Monday made an 8.7% share of screen. For its part, the Sonsoles Ónega program lost its share of the screen on Monday compared to a week ago when it scored 12.7%. Meanwhile, La Promesa, which last Monday made 11.1% in its only chapter, has managed to improve by more than one point.

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