Beijing, September 9 -- The film "Volunteers: Heroic Attack" directed by Chen Kaige released a special feature of "Original Intention" on the 19th, showing the audience the original intention and process of the "Volunteers" trilogy through the behind-the-scenes stories of the two major plays in the film. Pull the audience back 19 years to relive the significance of the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea and the belief in the joint protection of the Chinese military and people.

As the first part of the "Volunteers" trilogy, "Volunteers: Heroic Attack" tells the story of the stage from how to decide to send troops to the first and second battles of the Chinese Civilian Volunteers entering Korea. The film will be released nationwide on September 2023, 9.

Highly restored to history! New China made its debut at the United Nations, demonstrating the dignity of a great power

The biggest difference between the "Volunteers" trilogy and previous films on the theme of resisting US aggression and aiding Korea is that it shows this "battle for the founding of the country" in a panoramic and multi-dimensional way. The first story revolves around the first and second battles of the Chinese Volunteers entering Korea, and Dai Ruyi (Wei Chen), Yang Shaocheng (Yin Fang), Sun Xing (Chen Feiyu) and others of the 38th Army responsible for blocking the enemy army at Songkufeng will appear in this part. In the second part, as the war develops, new characters will appear, such as Li Xiang (played by Zhu Yilong), Fu Chongbi (played by Wu Jing), Cai Changyuan (played by Han Dongjun) and so on of the 63rd Army. The third part describes the beginning of peace negotiations, fighting while talking, the Battle of Shangganling, the armistice negotiations in Panmunjom, etc., which will be highlighted in the last part. The story spans three years and fully presents the historical context of the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea. There are more than 200 key figures, ranging from leaders and generals to unknown soldiers, and the individual destinies and times are intertwined, showing the audience a magnificent group portrait of war.

Director Chen Kaige said frankly that this is "the longest shooting time since the film, just want to shoot it well". From the character modeling to the scene, the parts that have historical materials to rely on are trying to restore. Among them, the first appearance of the New China diplomatic delegation at the United Nations is one of the highlights of the first part of the trilogy, "Volunteers: Heroic Attack". At that time, Wu Xiuquan (played by Zhang Songwen), a special representative with the rank of ambassador, led the Chinese delegation to attend the United Nations Security Council, which was the first time that New China attended a relevant United Nations meeting, and this experience has also become a rich and colorful stroke in China's diplomatic history. To this end, the main creators built a 1:1 restored United Nations scene based on the historical data of that year, and actor Zhang Songwen was very shocked when he first entered this scene: "It is basically exactly the same as the scene picture". The high degree of restoration also made Zhang Ziyi, who played Tang Sheng, "feel the solemn moment 73 years ago".

In addition to the scene, the image and action of the actors also require the reproduction of the images of the year, and Wu Xiuquan's gestures will be reproduced in the movie, which not only has the courage and majesty of the "general and diplomat", but also highlights the determination and strength of New China. As art director Lu Wei said: "When photographing a United Nations meeting, it has to be very realistic." Wu Xiuquan made his voice here on behalf of New China. At this moment, Chinese people have waited too long."

Honor the heroes on Pine Bone Peak! Planting a pine tree by hand reproduces the indomitable will of the volunteers

In the Songkufeng Blockade Battle in the Second Campaign to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea, the 38rd Company of the 112st Battalion of the 335th Regiment of the 1th Division of the 3th Army of the Chinese People's Volunteers fought fiercely with the US troops for more than five hours with the strength of 3 men, repelled five attacks in a row, and completed the task of preventing the US troops from fleeing into the army, for which the 3rd Company paid a heavy sacrifice. The tragedy of the war was rare in the world, and the Chinese Volunteers also used this battle to fight a prestige and deter the US army. In order to show the fierceness of the battle and the tenacity of the soldiers, the actors shuttled between the "bullets and bullets" and "close contact" with the explosive wood chips, striving to reproduce the brave and perseverance of the <>rd Company of that year. The filming of this battle was also a test for the main creators, trying to shoot from the air with complex camera scheduling, and director of photography Zhao Fei said: "Although the shooting is very difficult, everything is worth it, because we are paying tribute to the heroes." ”

Are there any pine trees on Pine Bone Peak? There is no detailed record in history, but director Chen Kaige hopes that a real, living pine tree can be erected there, and in his opinion, "pine trees are a symbol of bravery and steadfastness in our cultural connotation", which is consistent with the integrity of volunteer soldiers and even all Chinese. At the same time, it can make the place of "Pine Bone Peak" more concrete, highlighting the tragedy of the battle. To this end, the crew really planted a pine tree and let it experience the war with the "soldiers". The pine tree is still thriving in place, and it bears witness to how a group of people retrace the heartwarming story of 70 years ago.

During the three-year War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea, countless Chinese sons and daughters sacrificed their youth and even their lives. Why should we remember this tragic past? Seventy years ago, a group of people fought with their lives in exchange for 70 years of peace and development in the motherland, and their contributions should be remembered by future generations. Seventy years later, in this challenging era, the spirit of the Chinese Volunteers still gives young people unlimited strength.

The movie "Volunteers: Heroic Attack" is produced by China Film Co., Ltd., co-produced by China News Network, distributed by China Film Co., Ltd., directed by Chen Kaige, and the film will be released nationwide on September 2023, 9. (End)