Solène Delinger 14:30 pm, September 19, 2023

Invited on the set of the "Buzz TV" of the "Figaro", Dominique Besnehard was invited to react to Muriel Robin's comments on homophobia in cinema. According to the former agent of stars, the actress had words "stronger than reality".

A rant that continues to make people react... Saturday night, Muriel Robin assured on the set of What an era! that she had not been able to make a career in cinema because of her homosexuality: "I do not make cinema because I am homosexual," she assured Léa Salamé. "If you are homosexual, you are not desirable, you are not penetrable, and when you are not penetrable, in this society, and in cinema, you are worthless," she said.

"What she says is stronger than reality"

Invited on the set of Buzz TV Monday, September 18, Dominique Besnehard, who was Muriel Robin's agent, wanted to qualify the words of the comedian. "In my opinion, that's how he feels. I think what she says is stronger than reality, because at the same time, she was making a career as a comedy character and maybe she wanted to have the roles of Girardot. But, at some point, in this business...", he assured before remembering the time when he was Muriel Robin's agent, in the 2000s.

Directors who lack imagination

"People didn't want to see her in dramatic characters yet, like she did afterwards. Maybe physically, she wasn't as fulfilled as she is now. Nevertheless, it is a problem!", said Dominique Besnehard. For him, Muriel Robin did not make a career in cinema solely because of her sexual orientation. "I think that's not why she didn't shoot," he assured in the Buzz TV. Dominique Besnehard thinks that the directors lacked imagination about her. "They are reprehensible," said the former agent of stars.

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"She's going to get things done"

Dominique Besnehard also assures that assuming one's homosexuality in the cinema is even more difficult for boys: "I knew some when I was an agent. There is one, whose name I will never say, that I warned. And he experienced it very badly." The co-producer of Dix pour cent ended up praising Muriel Robin's courageous speech: "What she is doing here is good. If there are young women who are inhibited and don't dare to say it, she's going to get things done."