A group of like-minded post-90s and post-00s are led by professional travel bloggers. There are clothing bloggers who share clothing strategies according to the scenery of the destination, professional photographers follow the whole process, and most importantly, no longer have to get up early in the "group tour"!

"Since the beginning of this year, the tourism industry has picked up, but the service model of traditional tourism can no longer meet the expectations and needs of young people." Liu Yeqi, who is engaged in tourism planning, told the China Youth Daily reporter that compared with the regular group tour, young people hope to gain a relaxed atmosphere, social opportunities and comfortable experience from travel, so young people choose to plunge into the "peer tour group".

The relaxed atmosphere has become a savior of "social terror"

"It doesn't matter where you go, it matters who you play with." After Luo Ping finished the trip, she spontaneously joined the "tap water" promotion of the tour group of her peers, "Compared with the traditional tour group tour mode where the tour group is centered on the tour guide and there is not much communication between the members, I pay more attention to the atmosphere during the trip. The peer tour group full of young people allows every member to participate in it, and the 'energy field' of the same frequency between young people allows everyone to communicate more freely, communicate more freely, and have a very relaxed and fun throughout the process, I think the peer tour group will definitely become more and more popular. ”

"If there is a common topic, there is no need to worry about everyone not being able to play together." Xie Gayi, who was "socially afraid", tried to participate in a peer tour group alone, originally she was worried that she would not be able to integrate into the group, but on the first day of joining the group, she quickly became acquainted with the little sisters in the group because of the topic of exchanging photos and retouching photos, and then in the icebreaking activities organized by the team leader, everyone chatted, sang, danced together, and quickly became good friends. Xie Gay said: "The reason for 'social fear' is often because the environment around us has caused us a lot of invisible pressure, a group of young people together, a relaxed and happy atmosphere will make social fear less social fear." ”

The outgoing and lively Luo Ping consciously played the role of an active atmosphere in the team when traveling, she recalled that a "social fear" boy in the same group became much more outgoing after the trip, and after returning the boy said in their common WeChat group that his new friends were surprised to hear that he was a "social terrorist" before. Luo Ping feels that this boy will have such a change because "in such a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, you can easily find a way to make yourself comfortable with people or yourself, when social pressure no longer exists, social fear will have no soil for survival."

"During travel, the same frequency between young people can also help everyone understand and tolerate each other." Luo Ping said that because everyone is young, many ideas during the trip can be boldly put forward without worrying too much, which adds many additional surprises and gains to the journey. "Once we were going to a place where we had to take a long ride in the car, someone suggested that we put on some music, and the other friends responded quickly when they heard it, and then everyone sang and danced in the car. We are always able to get up together anytime, anywhere, and the long drive becomes interesting. Luo Ping added, "But if you are in an ordinary tour group, you have different ideas and have to worry about whether others can withstand it, for example, older people may feel too noisy." ”

Shegay said that many of her friends around her use joining peer tours as a way to relax, "as long as they have time, everyone will sign up."

Group formation is like opening a blind box, there are many opportunities

In addition to the relaxed atmosphere, Luo Ping and Xie Jiayi agreed that joining peer tours also provided them with more social possibilities, and they both made many good friends during the trip. The introverted Xie Gay believes that participating in peer tours has helped him break through the existing social circles, "I am a relatively homely person, there are almost no other channels to make friends, but in the peer tour group I can meet many peers who are completely different from my life trajectory, and being friends with them is also a way to break through myself." ”

"Our WeChat group is very active until now, and everyone often chats in the group, shares each other's lives, and if they go to each other's cities, they will also ask out to have a meal together." Luo Ping said, "I need such friends in my life, they do not participate in my specific life, but understand my past and current situation." When I'm happy, I have someone to share, when I have negative emotions, I have someone to talk to, and these friends can also help me get out of the way and analyze problems from a completely different perspective. ”

Tours made up of people of the same age have also become a new channel for many young people to get rid of the list. The travel team will plan some dating activities on special days such as "520" or Tanabata to help everyone find their ideal partner. Xie Gay himself witnessed the whole process of several couples in the tour group, "In the process of traveling, you can easily see a person's personality, temper, way of dealing with problems, etc., so the peer tour group is an ideal dating platform." I went to Inner Mongolia to participate in a peer tour, and after the trip, the group successfully held hands with two pairs. ”

Liu Yeqi told the China Youth Daily reporter, "Because there are many young people from all walks of life in the same age tour group, some people will obtain more information and accumulate network resources by participating in the group." ”

Cost-effective and youth-friendly services

In Liu Yeqi's view, being able to provide cost-effective service and a comfortable experience is also the reason why the tour group of the same age quickly came out of the circle.

Xie Jiayi told the China Youth Daily reporter: "When I was a child, I went to participate in a tour group with my parents, but the experience was not good, and I was very tired and did not gain anything. In addition, over the years, the news often reports on the compulsory consumption of tour groups and discounts on services. The fear of being slaughtered led me not to participate in a tour group for a long time. ”

"Peer tours will provide professional services to improve the cost performance." Liu Yeqi said.

"The little partner who leads the team is itself a professional travel blogger or photography blogger", in addition, the planning company also requires the team leader to be positive and cheerful, when asked about the criteria for screening the team leader, Liu Yeqi said: "In addition to being professional enough, the team leader must also have high emotional intelligence, can talk, play fun, outgoing personality, good at sociability, good at solving problems, dealing with conflicts." ”

"The leaders of the several peer tours I have participated in are very professional, they will take us around with a new and unique perspective, and at the same time, they can take care of everyone's psychology and make everyone get along harmoniously and comfortably," said Xie Gayi.

When Luo Ping talked about the feeling of participating in a peer tour, she mentioned a key word "peace of mind". "Before departure, we will pull a WeChat group, and the tour leader will tell us in detail what preparations we need to make; When everyone plays together, we don't even have to worry about what kind of pose angle to pose, the photographer arranges it clearly, and if they have time, they will even help us retouch; Some of the higher-priced groups are also equipped with dressers, which is really a very worry-free and trouble-free 'bag-style' play, and the whole process does not need to be worried, and the experience is very good. ”

In addition, the tour leaders will also increase the experience of tourists through a full sense of ceremony. "The tour leader will remember everyone's preferences in advance and prepare some small surprises and gifts in advance to make me feel valued, which is a particularly good service experience," said Xie Gayi. ”

When asked if any customers other than young people participated in the peer tour group, Liu Yeqi said: "Some post-70s and post-80s are also more fun-loving, and if they participate, we will report to everyone in the group in advance." In fact, as long as you love to play and are willing to join, middle-aged people can also participate in it harmoniously, and age is only an approximate category. ”

Liu Yeqi told the China Youth Daily reporter that age cannot be a standard for defining people, and in the same age tour groups they receive, there are many people of the same age who cannot play together. The emergence of peer tour groups more represents the beginning of the segmentation of the tourism market, and the beginning of attention to some soft expectations and personalized needs of people in travel, which is a good development trend.

"Maybe future peer tours will become obsolete, but this trend will not change." Liu Yeqi said.

Opportunities and challenges coexist for peer tours

Peer tours are a product of the development of tourism socialization, reflecting the more diverse and personalized needs of the travel market. Tourism is no longer just for sightseeing, but has become a social way and way of life. Xu Hong, dean of the School of Tourism and Service of Nankai University, reminded that although this new type of tour group meets the individual needs of young people, it cannot be ignored that there are certain risks for participants due to the existence of regulatory blind spots.

Luo Ping has encountered the harassment of tour group friends, and although she likes the lively atmosphere of young people together, she can't help but worry about the safety hazards of getting along with strangers. But in the face of this concern, there does not seem to be a good solution at present. Although he has tried his best to emphasize on the recruitment notice that "friends who have princess illness, a lot of things, and not simple thoughts should not disturb", Liu Yeqi said helplessly, "After all, the tour group is still a service industry, tourists choose us, we will go to receive, and rarely take the initiative to refuse." All we can do is protect our team members as much as possible during the trip, and if we find a member of the group being harassed, we will immediately separate them from the trip. ”

In addition to the instability among tour group members, the qualification of peer tour groups has also been questioned. The Tourism Law stipulates that the establishment of travel agencies, the recruitment, organization and reception of tourists, and the provision of tourism services shall meet certain conditions, obtain permission from the tourism authorities, and handle industrial and commercial registration in accordance with the law. Travel agencies shall, in accordance with regulations, pay a guarantee for the quality of tourism services, which shall be used to compensate for damages to tourists' rights and interests and to pay for emergency assistance in case of danger to tourists' personal safety. To engage in tour escort business, they shall obtain a tour guide permit, have the corresponding academic qualifications, language skills and tourism experience, and conclude a labor contract with a travel agency that has obtained an outbound tourism business operation license that has appointed him to engage in tour escort business. Travel agencies organizing and arranging tourism activities shall conclude contracts with tourists. Travel agencies should remind tourists participating in group tours to apply for personal accident insurance in accordance with regulations.

Therefore, Xu Hong reminds tourists that they must review the qualification of the tour group before joining the tour, if the agreement is not signed before the trip, personal rights are not protected by law during the trip, and once an accident occurs, the main responsibility cannot be determined.

Xu Hong pointed out that the rise of peer tour groups has brought enlightenment to traditional travel agencies, and traditional travel agencies should realize that their grasp and research on market demand need to be improved and strengthened, and the products provided cannot fully meet the changing needs of young people, and must increase their efforts in product innovation.

"Markets are spontaneous." Xu Hong said. She believes that when peer tours become a new trend, government departments should timely study and judge the risks, and effectively guide and regulate them. Introduce guiding policies to regulate their operation in accordance with the law; At the same time, tourists are reminded to be aware of the risks that may occur during the trip and protect themselves through legal means.

With the arrival of the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival holidays, many regular travel agencies have smelled the potential heat of the market for tour groups of the same age and have begun to launch new tour groups. If peer tours want to achieve long-term development, they must abide by relevant laws, avoid risks that may occur in travel, and standardize operations, so as not to become a hot spot in the tourism market.

Intern Guo Ruibing Intern Reporter Tan Sijing Reporter Xia Jin Source: China Youth Daily