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Ten newborns and their parents are in danger in Arnsberg – but rescue was at hand

Photo: Arnsberg Police

Animal rescue operation in Arnsberg, Sauerland: Twelve wild boars fell into the mill ditch there on Monday night and apparently wanted to swim through it. However, a current drove them to a concrete weir.

The animals had not come there from the spot and had fought for survival, said a spokesman for the police. Although wild boars are generally good swimmers, the current is very strong at this point.

In a two-and-a-half-hour operation by the fire brigade and police, the two adults and the ten newborns were pulled out of the water with great physical effort by the rescue forces.

All animals have survived, according to the information. However, a police spokesman told WDR that it could be that residents could still find the exhausted pigs in the city on Monday.