Julien Pichené, with Solène Delinger 10:57 am, September 13, 2023

The series "Tapie", which traces the career of the famous businessman, is available on Netflix. After long months of suspense, Dominique Tapie, Bernard Tapie's wife, finally watched it. At the microphone of Europe 1, she delivers exclusively her first impressions, not necessarily very good ...

This television series created by Tristan Séguéla and Olivier Demangel is visible since this morning on Netflix. It is a seven-part series that traces the career of businessman Bernard Tapie over the period 1966/1997, that is to say from his brief career as a singer until his arrival at the prison of health. It is the actor Laurent Lafitte who embodies his role. He assured Tuesday at our colleagues of RTL that Dominique Tapie, widow of Bernard, had been touched and reassured by seeing the series. "But it will be up to her to express herself," the actor recalled. Culture Médias has just joined Dominique Tapie, who is played in the Netflix series by Joséphine Japy. She wanted to give her version.

"Events that have nothing to do with reality"

"It must be recognized that the series is very well acted, that [Laurent] Lafitte, at times, represented my husband very well. On that, frankly, I have nothing to say. Afterwards, they took liberties on events that have nothing to do with reality. So I just wanted to point that out, and I encourage people who will follow this series to read my book, which is a book of truth in which I tell everything and that's what is important for Bernard's memory," she told Europe 1. His book is La Fureur de vivre, which Dominique Tapie released at the beginning of the year by L'Observatoire.

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"I didn't find myself in my role"

The widow of Bernard Tapie considers that everything about privacy in this series is either false or approximate. In addition, the series presents her as a businesswoman who has closely accompanied all of her husband's affairs. Even if it is a "fiction inspired by real facts", Dominique Tapie also wanted to make a small correction on this subject: "I did not find myself at all in my role. At almost one point, I am put in charge of business, which I have never done in my life. In view of my situation, people still have to understand that no, I have never signed or participated directly or indirectly in my husband's companies." The Tapie series is available today on Netflix.