Europe 1 with AFP // Photo credits: Benoit Durand / Hans Lucas / Hans Lucas via AFP 13:45 p.m., September 12, 2023

Several people have been hospitalized at Bordeaux University Hospital for probable cases of botulism, a rare but potentially fatal neurological disease. The Departmental Directorate for the Protection of Populations (DDPP) took samples from the establishment and all canned goods were recorded pending the results of the analyses.

Several people were hospitalized in Bordeaux for probable cases of botulism, a rare but potentially fatal neurological disease, five of whom were Tuesday morning in intensive care, we learned from medical sources and the prefecture. Most "are of foreign nationality (USA, Canada, Germany). They have all frequented during the last week the same bar in Bordeaux, the Tchin Tchin Wine bar, "said in a joint statement the prefecture of Nouvelle-Aquitaine and the Regional Health Agency. "The suspected foods are at this stage canned sardines homemade by the restaurateur."

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Five patients in intensive care

"We have five patients admitted to intensive care, including four intubated, and three in continuous care," Benjamin Clouzeau, an intensive care physician at Pellegrin University Hospital, told AFP, adding that "all these patients have benefited from anti-toxic treatment." "Their condition can potentially persist for several weeks," during which "multiple complications" can occur, he said. "It's exceptional. In France we have between 20 and 30 cases a year. There, we had nine, since one person went abroad in the meantime," he added.

"The last contaminating meal was potentially on Saturday, so we can expect the arrival of other patients for a few days," he said. The doctor calls on people with digestive signs (diarrhea, vomiting) or vision or speech disorders, after attending the establishment concerned, to contact the emergency services to benefit from anti-toxin treatment "as soon as possible".

The departmental directorate for the protection of populations (DDPP) has taken samples in the establishment and all canned goods have been recorded pending the results of the analyzes, "within three days", specify the prefecture and the ARS. The establishment remains open, but with reduced service (wine and snacks). Botulism is a reportable disease, caused by botulinum neurotoxins divided into 8 types (A to H) that attack the nervous system and cause eye problems (double vision), swallowing defect and, in advanced forms, paralysis of muscles, especially respiratory muscles, which can lead to death.