• Queen Letizia and the three lives of the white dress of Sfera
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Queen Letizia has attended today an unmissable event in her September agenda: the inauguration of the school year in Galicia, specifically in Santiago de Compostela. A somewhat bumpy visit because, due to weather problems, the helicopter in which he was traveling had to land in A Coruña (instead of at Santiago airport, as planned), which has caused a slight delay in his arrival. But, as the saying goes, "better late than never", especially if that afternoon involves a sailor look like the one worn by the monarch.

Queen Letizia joins the 'navy' fashion

Youthful and sailor appearance. This has been the style with which the Queen has anticipated the new season. For the occasion, Doña Letizia has chosen to release a navy blue and white striped sweater with a round neck and French sleeves. A design by Hugo Boss, one of the usual signatures in the monarch's wardrobe. The suit pants, also new and from the German firm, have a very marked waist (one of the trends we will see this fall) thanks to a leather belt of the same tone.

Queen Letizia during the inauguration of the school year in Santiago de CompostelaGTRES

As footwear, the Queen has opted once again for the sensible heel, more comfortable, as she suffers from a Morton's neuroma in her left foot. Although new, Doña Letizia repeats model, the 'Carrie' by Isabel Abdo, this time in navy blue suede; His Majesty also has them in black and beige.

In terms of accessories, simplicity and sobriety have dictated the norm: triple ring earrings in rose gold and diamonds, a design 'made in Spain' by Gold & Roses, and a ring by Coreterno.

A flattering ponytail

If there is something that favors Queen Letizia is the high ponytail and more if like this leaves her bangs aside, behind the ear. Although she has been more given to leaving her hair, each day longer, to the wind, lately she chooses to pick it up. It was at the reception in Marivent of the authorities and personalities of Mallorca when the monarch returned to the ponytail, with a somewhat unexpected twist that brings her closer (and not only because of the times she has dressed in pink), to the most famous doll of summer 2023: Barbie.

Queen Letizia during the inauguration of the school year in Santiago de CompostelaGTRES

During the pandemic, when the Kings toured all the communities in the summer of 2020, it was the collected wildcard, practical and comfortable, mask through, at the same time elegant. In addition, at the opening of ARCO 2019, the monarch caused a sensation and not only for the dress she chose (from &Other Stories), but also for her hairstyle, very similar to the one she wore today: a high ponytail combed with a stripe on one side that left a loose lock and that she decorated with a black bow.

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