When it comes to Dunhuang, people often think of the Huangsha Gobi. On the 8th, in the "Flower See Dunhuang" flower arrangement art exhibition in Dunhuang, Gansu, more than 20 flower arrangement art works were carefully produced by more than 60 floral masters combined with Dunhuang cultural elements, allowing people to see more colors of Dunhuang.

【Contemporaneous】Docent Li Yuewei

This work is called "Desert Rose", this represents the desert, and the circling branches and leaves represent the storm raging in the desert, which means that in the harsh environment of the desert, there are still very delicate roses. It also symbolizes Mr. Fan Jinshi, a cavekeeper in Dunhuang, a group of female scholars represented by President Fan Jinshi, who fearlessly feared desert storms and has been guarding the treasure house of the country in the Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes.

This is our "One Sand, One Place" exhibition area, you can see that the sand below represents the singing sand mountain of Dunhuang, the round ball above represents the unique plants on the Gobi Desert of Dunhuang, and tumbleweeds are also called "desert wanderers". The whole represents that every sand has its own dry kun, and every drop of water also has a dry kun, which makes people marvel at the infinite possibilities of every life in the desert.

What we are seeing now is "Thousand Buddhas in a Thousand Caves", there is a Buddha statue in each cave in the Mogao Grottoes, and as soon as we enter, we can see that there is a flower in each cave, which means that each flower represents each Buddha. Then everyone took a closer look at this place, which our designer fired with candles, and this edge is also a state that simulates the Mogao Grottoes after thousands of years of historical precipitation.

【Commentary】Zheng Junmin, the person in charge of the exhibition, said that for this exhibition, a group of people who love Dunhuang and flowers have been preparing for 10 years. I hope that every visitor can see the colorful possibilities of Dunhuang in the flowers and see the endless hope of Chinese art.

【During the same period】General Manager of Lanzhou Guose Tianxiang Flower Arrangement Art Co., Ltd. Zheng Junmin

It is true that no one in Dunhuang has ever held a flower exhibition, and we all feel that it is a long journey, not to mention that the loss of flower materials is particularly large. But our love for flowers, our obsession with Dunhuang, I think we have to show it. In fact, I hope to start from the flower to see Dunhuang, with the most beautiful flowers to offer Dunhuang, the appearance of the flower will make the entire Dunhuang city or Dunhuang people have more joy on their faces. So I hope that "Flower See Dunhuang" and "Flower Respect Dunhuang" will finally end with "Flower Joy Dunhuang".

【During the same period】Gao Yafang, Dean of Tourism College of Lanzhou University of Arts and Sciences

After seeing this exhibition of "Hanami Dunhuang", I think it is particularly innovative. Using flowers to express Dunhuang cultural elements is to activate such a grand situation as Dunhuang, that is, flowers are like flowers. Dunhuang, Dunji Daye, Huang, grand and brilliant, then the flower itself is grand and brilliant, and the flowers of our prosperous era are also in line with Dunhuang, and this theme is particularly perfectly expressed and moving.

【Commentary】Zheng Junmin said that he hopes to invite florist artists at home and abroad to Dunhuang to do floral study exhibitions, carry out in-depth cooperation, and better spread Dunhuang culture and Chinese traditional culture with the help of the Dunhuang art platform.

Reporting by Wang Muyu and Ding Si from Dunhuang, Gansu

Responsible Editor: [Li Ji]