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A fish like this could soon be swimming in your pond

Photo: A. Hartl / blickwinkel / picture alliance

"Give goldfish and crucian carp a new home," the Mitte district announced on its website. In the past week, the situation for the fish in the water lily pond in the Volkspark on Weinbergsweg has deteriorated dramatically.

An excessively high fish population, heavy rain and high temperatures have led to a lack of oxygen in the water. "Many fish were trying to gasp for air on the surface of the water." The district office, the police and the fire brigade have already fished animals out of the pond and filled up with fresh water so that the pond does not tip over.

New owners should have experience with fish

On Friday, there will be the first "fishing campaign", where interested parties can adopt goldfish and crucian carp from the water lily pond. Employees of the Roads and Green Spaces Department are supposed to fish the animals out of the water. Then they should be handed over to their new owners, who should have a suitable pond and already have experience in keeping fish.

By Wednesday, two people had registered for the action, said a spokesman for the district office. Interested parties could also drop by spontaneously. For transport, containers such as buckets or plastic boxes should be brought, the spokesman advised. The Mitte district also asks citizens not to put fish that are kept as pets in public waters. Feeding fish and waterfowl also harms animals and waters.

On a flyer, the new owners of the fish received additional information on how to keep them in a species-appropriate manner. For example, goldfish have no feeling of satiety and often run the risk of overeating. As a rule of thumb, therefore, only give as much food as the fish can eat in one minute. If kept optimally, the ornamental fish can live for over 20 years.