Yangcheng Evening News reporter Liu Xinyu correspondent Wang Wei

The heat gradually fades, the humidity in the air begins to drop, the weather gradually dries, the human body in order to preserve heat to maintain body temperature, the capillaries of the skin will contract, blood flow will decrease, resulting in sweat, sebum secretion is reduced, it is easy to be in a relatively dry, itchy state. Lei Shuisheng, director of the Department of Dermatology of the Fifth Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, sent you an "anti-itching guide" to help you keep your skin supple in the dry autumn.

Countermeasure 1: Drink water well

First of all, hydrate in time and don't drink when you are thirsty. Because when we feel thirsty, the cells are already in a state of water shortage. However, drinking more water is not better, it is recommended to drink a small amount of water many times, and the daily water intake of each person should be balanced with water loss, and change with the amount of activity, environment and diet.

Secondly, try to avoid drinking boiled water and unboiled water many times, because they all contain substances that are not conducive to the health of the body. Also do not replace drinking water with drinks or juices, try to drink plain water.

Finally, try to drink a glass of warm water every morning, as it can help eliminate metabolites from the body and replenish body water.

Countermeasure 2: Learn to wash your face properly

Warm water should be used when washing your face, which will not only open the pores fully, but also not lose too much of the skin's natural moisturizing oils. If you have oily skin, it is recommended to wash it once in the morning and once in the evening.

Also pay attention to the way you wash your face. When washing your face, be sure to foam the cleanser in the palm of your hand, otherwise it will not only fail to achieve the cleansing effect, but may also remain in the pores and cause acne. After rubbing, you can apply the cleanser foam to the face, and after applying evenly, use the middle finger and ring finger to gently massage the face in circular motions, and massage a few more times for areas with more oil secretion such as the T-zone. The cheeks are circled from the bottom up, and the nose is from top to bottom, in the direction of the pores.

After the massage, you can wash it, you can gently press the damp towel on the face and then wash it with water a few times. Some people worry that it will not be cleaned if it is too gentle, so they scrub desperately with a towel. In fact, this will cause damage to the skin.

After washing, there is another important step - to check the hairline for residual cleanser through the mirror and remove it. Some people always like acne around their hairline, and many times it is because they neglect this step.

Countermeasure 3: Scientific skin care pay attention to sun protection

In autumn, many people feel that the sun is not as strong as in summer, so there is no need for sun protection. But in fact, in the skin care process, sun protection has always been a more critical step, especially in the hot summer tan people, in the autumn need to be careful sun protection, do a good job of remedies.

Therefore, you should do a good job of sun protection measures, including physical sun protection, such as wearing sunscreen clothing, umbrellas, sunglasses hats, etc., as well as chemical sun protection, such as applying sunscreen suitable for your skin type. At the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to the moisturizing and moisturizing work of the skin to reduce the occurrence of various skin problems.