One of the eight major titles in shogi, the "Championship Match" 1th match, started on the 31st, and a high-profile match between Sota Fujii (21), who is aiming to monopolize the Eight Crowns for the first time in history, and Takuya Nagase (30), who is aiming to win the permanent title by defending the title.

The first round of the "Battle for the Throne" started on the 1st at a ryokan in Hadano City, Kanagawa Prefecture.

Following Nagase's throne, who entered the match room first, challenger Fujii Nanakaku sat in front of the board, and as a result of the swinging piece, Fujii Shichikaku took the lead.

When the game was announced to start at 9 a.m., Fujii Nanakaku took a sip of tea and then took a step ahead of the flying car, and Nagase, who was behind him, responded by taking the same step.

After that, they exchanged the "horns" of the large pieces and proceeded to assemble each other, and the early battle began.

The "Title" is the only title not held by Fujii's seven crowns, and if he wins this best-of-five match, he will become the first person in history to monopolize the eight major titles.

On the other hand, Nagase, who has won the "Championship Battle" four times in a row, will become the third person in this title to qualify for the permanent title "Honorary Title" when he defends it.

The two are also known as research buddies who refer to practice shogi, and their official match record is 4 wins for Fujii Shichikaku and 3 wins for Nagase Title.

The best-of-five championship match will be scheduled until October, and whoever wins the first three games will win the title.

The winner of the first round is expected to be decided on the night of the 2st.

The opponent is Nagase Throne, who is known as a research companion

Sota Fujii turned professional in 2016 at the age of 2 years and 14 months, the youngest in history, when he was in his second year of junior high school, and after his debut, he achieved an unprecedented 2 consecutive victories.

Then, in July 29, at the age of 2020 years and 7 months, breaking the record for the youngest person to win a title for the first time in 30 years, he won "Shogi", and after that, he won "Throne", "Eio", "Dragon King", "Wang Sho" and "Shogi King" one after another.

In June of this year, he became the youngest player to win the "Seven Crowns" and the second "Seven Crowns" since Zenji Hanyu Kudan, who currently serves as the president of the Japan Shogi Federation.

In addition, Fujii has never lost the title he has won.

The number of consecutive periods of acquisition is 17, second only to Yasuharu Oyama XV Meijin.

The opponent who will challenge for the title "title" left by Fujii Seven Crowns is Takuya Nagase.

He has won four consecutive titles and will become the third person to qualify for the permanent title "Honorary Title" if he defends his title in this title.

Nagase, nicknamed "Sergeant" because of his strict and enthusiastic attitude toward shogi, is known as a research companion who usually refers to practice shogi with Fujii Shichikaku, and Fujii Shichikaku said at the press conference when he got the right to challenge, "I think Nagase is the one who taught me shogi when I became a professional and raised me. I feel that we need to be more creative for the fifth game."

The record of the two official matches is 2 wins for Fujii Shichikaku and 11 wins for Nagase Title.

Of these, Fujii Nanakaku defended his title with a record of 5 wins and 3 loss in last year's "Shogi Holy War" 1th match, but in the first round, after an unusual development in which "Sennichite" was established twice, repeating the same phase, Nagase won as a result of "re-pointing", and a heated match was played.

This time, Fujii Shichikaku will be aiming to win the title against one of the most formidable shogi players.

Japan Shogi Federation President Hanyu "Shogi that will go down in the history of the shogi world"

For the first time in history, Sota Fujii will compete for the first time in the eight major titles in the fifth game of the "Championship Battle".

Before the opening of the tournament, we spoke with Zenji Hanyu, president of the Japan Shogi Federation, who dominated the seven major titles at the time 27 years ago.

President Hanyu commented on his chances of winning the Eight Crown, saying, "When I watch Fujii-san's shogi, he is characterized by the fact that there are very few moments when his own form deteriorates. There are times when we struggle and times when we lose, but when we look at it as a whole, the probability is small. The overall way of fighting has become more sophisticated, showing his usual strength on the big stage and waiting for a chance to come back without collapsing even when things go bad, and considering how fulfilling he is now, it would not be too surprising if Fujii-san won and won the Eighth Crown."

In February 1996, at the age of 2, Hanyu became the first player in the shogi world to win seven major titles.

The previous year, he challenged then-Shogun Koji Tanigawa for the Seven Crowns, but lost 25 wins and 3 losses, and won all the defensive battles in the following year.

Chairman Hanyu said of those days, "The first time I tried it was the year of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, and I remember it. I was disappointed that I lost a full set, but the master match started about 4 days later, and I felt like I was going to the next match. It's hard to have to play games with a lot of travel and short intervals, but it's also like fate for a shogi player. When I won the Seven Crowns, I didn't have the emotional impact that made me very happy, and I felt that the hectic times passed away in a blink of an eye."

On top of that, he commented on this "Championship Match," saying, "Shogi itself has been around for less than 1 years since then, so the fixed track and tactics have changed considerably, but I think that the attitude of studying and analyzing each other hard and approaching each game has not changed."

Chairman Hanyu, who has played against Fujii Seven Crowns many times, including the "Battle of Kings" held this year, commented on his strength, saying, "I think that we are not reading deeply about the options such as one or two, but reading a little wider options one by one. If you read three moves ahead of each of the five moves, you will already have more than 10 moves, which is easy to say, but it is a burdensome way of thinking. I think there is something different about the choices and ways of thinking in unknown situations and areas where answers cannot be given."

Regarding the fifth match of the "Championship Match" against Takuya Nagase, he said, "I think Nagase-san is the number one shogi player in terms of the amount of practice he can do. One of the highlights is how Fujii reacts to Nagase's strategy. I want you to refer to shogi that will go down in the history of the shogi world."