Looking at the school that was destroyed by the torrential rain and suspended from school, Cai Yali, a teacher at Xiacun Middle School in Fangshan District, Beijing, had her eyes full of reluctance. At the end of August, the school's 8 students and 87 teachers, including Cai Yali, will be integrated into Fangshan District Shilou Middle School. Through a series of measures such as combining schools and borrowing sites to run schools, all primary and secondary schools in the disaster-stricken areas of Beijing will open as scheduled on September 17.

Guo Donghong, director of the Education Commission of Fangshan District of Beijing, said that in the flood disaster caused by exceptionally heavy rainfall, 170 schools (school sites) in the education system in Fangshan District of Beijing were damaged to varying degrees, of which 32 schools were seriously damaged by extensive flooding. The three schools that have been severely damaged and cannot open at the same site will adopt a "one school, one policy" to ensure that all students enter the campus as scheduled through mergers and site diversion.

Also in Mentougou District, which was severely affected by the rain, on August 8, Beijing Mentougou District Education and Training College distributed its teaching materials and learning aids to local primary schools, and on August 25, they were distributed to junior and senior high schools. It is reported that the 8 primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in the jurisdiction of Mentougou can ensure that the school starts as scheduled on September 28. Two primary schools and three kindergartens will open at the same time.

Guo Hongsheng, principal of Shilou Middle School in Beijing's Fangshan District, still has a video of the flood on his mobile phone. From the beginning of the flood to the summer village middle school, to the rush out of one meter and five heights, in just a few minutes. He painted more than when the water level was highest, almost to his head.

Xiacun Middle School is a bungalow, Ms. Cai said, which is a safe haven on higher ground nearby, but the embankment breach is only about 500 meters from the school. When the flash flood came, Guo Hongsheng climbed to the roof of the bungalow with 46 people, and later got into a lifeboat to escape. Until a few days ago, the smell of sludge after the floodwaters receded could still be smelled on campus.

Ms. Cai said that all the teaching equipment in the school was no longer usable, books and computers were washed away, and some materials disappeared with the flood and needed to be reorganized.

In this merger policy, Guo Hongsheng will visit the students' homes one by one to answer the questions of students and parents.

When Guo Hongsheng went to the home of Suo Xinyu, a second-year student at Former Xiacun Middle School, before school started, the road was still muddy, and the flood water left a distinct black line on the outer wall of the village's house, a waist-high line representing the height of the flood water.

Guo Hongsheng told Suo Xinyu's grandmother that Xiacun Middle School has a long repair period and high costs, and does not currently have the conditions to open school. Shilou Middle School is better than Xiacun Middle School in terms of hardware and teachers, please rest assured that the school will do its best to provide various guarantees for children.

"At least I can start school on time." Suo Xinyu, who is preparing to go to junior high school this year, was a little excited when she learned the news, and after the torrential rain washed away the school, she was also worried about whether she could go to school on time.

Guo Hongsheng added that in order to make students better adapt to the new environment, the second and third year students who transferred from Xiacun Middle School to Shilou Middle School are still arranged in the same class as their original classmates, remaining unchanged, and only the new junior high school students are mixed.

Shilou Middle School was lightly damaged this time, repaired quickly, and was not far from Xiacun Middle School, and it was not a problem to accommodate more than 9 teachers and students. The original staff dormitory on the first floor of Shilou Middle School is also being transformed into a new student dormitory, but Guo Hongsheng said that the dormitory renovation will take a while, and there is no guarantee of normal accommodation for students on September 1.

In the home of Ding Chengxiang, a first-year student at the former Xiacun Middle School, water marks and mist seeped into the glass window door, and the empty refrigerator with the open door was still hanging in the living room, and some of Ding Chengxiang's homework was also washed away by the flood.

13-year-old Ding Chengxiang is going to Shilou Middle School for the second year of junior high school, and his mother Meng Fanrong voiced her worries: the child is in a rebellious and playful stage, and it may not fit in well in another environment; She is also worried about grades, and accommodation may prevent parents from paying attention to their children's learning status in time.

"After the merger of the two schools, we have taken into account all aspects of parents' doubts." Guo Hongsheng said that for example, during the school day, students cannot bring mobile phones into the campus, if the child in the accommodation brings it, the school will keep it for a week and return it to him. In order to ensure the study time, the school sets up evening self-study, and you can complete the day's homework during the evening self-study time. In addition, due to the small number of teachers in the original Xiacun and the structural lack of staff, teaching and research were more difficult. After arriving at Shilou Middle School, the number of teachers has increased, and they can collectively study teaching materials and prepare lessons collectively, which is conducive to classroom teaching and improves students' academic performance.

Meng Fanrong continued to ask if there were any teachers or administrators on the bus picking up and dropping off the students, and whether they could be persuaded in time if there was a small friction among the children.

Guo Hongsheng introduced that the Fangshan District Government has coordinated various departments to ensure the safety of children during the ride. Before students get on the bus, there is a village manager in the village, after getting on the bus, there is a bus attendant, and after getting off the bus, there is a school, and each of the three sections is responsible for its own responsibility.

With these words, Meng Fanrong finally put down the stone in his heart.

"Combining schools does not increase the burden on the people, which is the original intention of the Fangshan District Education Commission." Guo Hongsheng told reporters that he took the opportunity of the merger to improve people's livelihood at the same time. Children usually only need to take the bus on Monday morning and Friday evening, but the additional bus line is fully open from Monday to Friday, making it easier for ordinary people along the route.

"Through this merger, it will have a great effect on improving the quality of education in the entire region." Guo Hongsheng said that in fact, even without this heavy rain, the local party committee and government hope that the two schools will merge, which are in Shilou Town, and a set of teams is in charge of the two schools in the early stage.

In Mentougou District, Jingshi Experimental Middle School has welcomed more than 600 teachers and students of Heishan Primary School who are about to start the new semester with neat classrooms and blackboards full of welcome words.

Due to heavy rain and flooding, most of the classrooms in Montenegrin primary schools are no longer functional. All teachers and students will borrow the site to study at the Jingshi Experimental Middle School, which is less affected by the flood and is closer to the school. Jingshi Experimental Middle School vacated a four-story office building, and in 4 days, 10 classrooms were demolished, opened and renovated for the use of 16 classes and more than 16 teachers and students in Montenegro Primary School.

"It's really down-to-earth, the big family of Black Mountain Primary School has not been broken up, and it has moved over completely, which is still very happy." Ren Quanxia, principal of Heishan Primary School in Beijing's Mentougou District, said.

In Xiacun Middle School, some old employees rushed to the school as soon as possible since the disaster was affected to clean up the dredging and pack up their belongings, and have not stopped to rest. According to reports, Xiacun Middle School will become a kindergarten in the future, gradually expanding the scale and absorbing more surrounding children to go to school.

Cai Yali felt deep reluctance. For her, Xiacun Middle School is not only the school where she has taught for many years, but also her alma mater, and her father was also a teacher here, and in her words, "has feelings for every grass and tree here". Standing at the edge of the playground, she could count the changes in the school over the decades, and when she talked about where she had changed her position and where she had changed, she couldn't help but choke, tears rolling in her eyes.

"Human beings cannot influence this kind of natural disaster, since it has already happened, go to save the homeland, actively rebuild, and bravely face the disaster caused by heavy rain." Cai Yali said.

Zhongqing Daily / Zhongqing Net reporter Zhang Yi Source: China Youth Daily