The LRT = next-generation streetcar connecting Utsunomiya City and neighboring Haga Town, which opened on the 26th, celebrated its first weekday on the 28th, and the seats were almost full during commuting hours.

At the Utsunomiya Station East Exit stop, the first station of the LRT, office workers and high school students lined up after 7:<> a.m. to wait for the train to arrive.

During weekday commuting to work and school, it runs about every 8 minutes, and when the train arrives, passengers board one after another, and the 8 seats were almost full until about 50 am.

A third-year female student attending a high school along the line said, "I used to commute by bus, and I hope I can get to school early because I don't think the LRT will be late."

A man who used the up line to commute said, "I was able to ride with peace of mind because the time came perfectly, and the ride was smooth and comfortable when I stopped at the station without shaking."

A man who was an office worker who commuted to work for about 3 minutes to the end of the bus said, "The company shuttle bus disappeared and I changed to LRT.