In August, a 8-year-old suspect was arrested on suspicion of hit-and-run and other charges for driving a car without a license in Tokyo's Edogawa Ward, running over a man in his 50s who died and drove away from the scene.

The suspect arrested is Hokuto Yoshino (28), a construction worker with an unspecified address.

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, on August 8, he was suspected of driving a passenger car without a license in Hirai, Edogawa Ward, running over Mr. Yasumasa Godake (24), who lives nearby, and driving away from the spot.

A nearby security camera recorded how the car ran over Mr. Takanishi, who was lying on the street when he turned left at the intersection, backed up once, and drove away in another direction.

The car was found abandoned in a parking lot more than 57 km from the scene, and subsequent investigations revealed that the suspect was driving.

The suspect admitted the charges to the investigation because his driver's license had expired seven years ago, and said, "I thought I got on a bicycle or motorcycle, but when I checked it, I realized it was a person, and my mind went blank and I ran away."