The release of "Make every effort to ensure that no one can be left behind"

275 affected schools opened as scheduled on 9 September All affected schools will be repaired and rebuilt
with high quality

Yesterday, Wang Wang, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, told a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily that since the arrival of the flood season, the municipal party committee and government have attached great importance to it, and special classes of the municipal education committee and the two municipal education committees have also gone to Fangshan District, Mentougou District, and Changping District as soon as possible to conduct research and comprehensive consultation one by one in the 275 disaster-stricken schools and implement precise policies. The district committees and governments of the three districts accelerated the repair and emergency repair work. So far, all schools in the three districts have completed dredging, sanitize and house appraisal safety work, and they will be able to start as scheduled on September 9. For the nine schools and kindergartens that were seriously affected by the disaster and could not open as scheduled at the original site, the city has also done proper diversion and resettlement work.

Wang Fang introduced that the Municipal Education Commission will combine the requirements of "one year of basic recovery, three years of comprehensive improvement, and long-term high-quality development" put forward by the municipal party committee and municipal government, and build the school into the safest place when planning and building the school in the future, and become an important part of the resilient city.

Wang Fang mentioned that the city has increased transfer payments to key areas in the three severely affected areas of Fangshan, Mentougou and Changping District to ensure the repair and recovery of disaster-stricken schools. The city will complete the repair, rehabilitation and reconstruction of all affected schools in three batches. Among them, we will strive to open the first batch of disaster-stricken schools on September 9. The second batch is for schools that can be repaired before the winter to be completed by the end of the year, and the new semester will officially start next year. The third batch is for schools that need to be relocated and rebuilt, and may complete the replanning and construction in about three years and comprehensively upgrade, including the Black Mountain Primary School in Mentougou District. Wang Fang said: "These schools need to re-plan and demonstrate, build schools into the safest places, and strengthen 'emergency and emergency use'." ”

As the start of school approaches, the city has made systematic arrangements to ensure the safe opening of disaster-stricken schools and primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in the city. Wang Fang introduced that the city took advantage of the key period of the summer vacation to organize the city's primary and secondary schools and kindergartens to carry out safety inspections and large-scale rectification activities. The city also organized more than 1800,9 full-time inspectors to conduct full-coverage inspections, and the leaders of the two committees also covered the districts before the start of school, especially for some secondary safety problems that may occur in post-disaster recovery and reconstruction, and carried out a dragnet comprehensive inspection to ensure that children can start school safely and happily on September 1.


"School Safety", "Psychological Counseling", "School Life"

The three key words are to ensure the smooth start of school as scheduled

In the past few days, a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily visited many schools in Mentougou District and Fangshan District damaged by exceptionally heavy rainstorms and found that each school actively carried out school dredging and sanitize, environmental treatment, maintenance of school buildings, and students borrowed addresses to study according to their own specific conditions, and carried out visits and condolences and psychological counseling for the affected students.

"School building safety", "psychological counseling" and "campus life" have become important "keywords" to ensure the scheduled, smooth and high-quality start of the fall semester to ensure that "no one can be left behind".

Keyword 1 School building safety

Carry out "one appraisal on the first floor" to accurately check the opening of some schools

After the floods, the safety of school buildings attracted much attention. Mentougou District and Fangshan District were the areas that were more seriously affected by this exceptionally heavy rainstorm. According to data provided by the Fangshan District Education Commission, 170 schools in the district's education system were damaged to varying degrees, of which 32 schools were extensively flooded and seriously damaged. The Mentougou District Education Committee said that there were 91 units (including directly subordinate units) affected by the flood, accounting for 96.8% of the education system. Among them, about 7,4 square meters of rainwater leakage and 4,3 square meters of campus water leakage. How can I ensure the safety of my school premises? In the past few days, the education commissions of Mentougou District and Fangshan District have been non-stop to conduct surveys and safety assessments of the disaster situation in various schools, and at the same time carry out restoration and reconstruction work.

Among them, the Mentougou District carried out a precision investigation of "one appraisal on the first floor". The Municipal Education Commission specially set up a Mentougou working group to lead a team to inspect the disaster situation in schools, and the District Housing and Construction Committee organized a professional team of 24 technicians to complete the safety assessment of 94 schools and kindergartens in the district. The Mentougou District Planning Bureau surveyed school buildings with potential safety hazards, and the District Development and Reform Commission actively declared the school relocation reconstruction project. The Mentougou District Education Committee said that in order to ensure the opening of the school, the District Education Committee sorted out 125 urgent matters from 27 projects, arranged the progress of the construction period backwards, and raced against time to seize the construction period. In view of the problems of playground, rain leakage, water seepage, local collapse, etc., on the basis of ensuring safety and ensuring the needs of education and teaching, it will be solved step by step.

The Fangshan District Education Commission immediately formulated the "Fangshan District Primary and Secondary School Kindergarten Post-disaster Opening Assessment Work Plan", and all departments of the Education Commission stationed in the Baojian School, comprehensively surveyed the damage to school buildings, facilities and equipment, understood the disaster situation of teachers and students, investigated the potential safety hazards of the surrounding environment of the campus, and jointly assessed and judged the opening conditions of each school with multiple departments at the township level. The District Education Committee shall implement policies according to the degree of disaster damage to schools, guide schools to carry out dredging, sanitize and investigation and rectification work, and at the same time establish a ledger of damaged facilities and equipment, count the number of centralized procurement, and carry out restoration and reconstruction work in an orderly manner.

Under the condition of ensuring the safety of the school building, Mentougou District finally determined that 61 primary and secondary schools and kindergartens could open on September 9, and 1 schools would open at the same site to ensure that "no one can be left behind" when the school starts. Among them, students from Heishan Primary School will borrow the site to settle in Jingshi Experimental Middle School; Kindergarten 5 students relocated to the newly built kindergarten for placement; The kindergarten affiliated to Jingshi Experimental Primary School was placed in the Jingshi Experimental Primary School, the West Garden of the Affiliated Garden of Yuyuan Primary School, and the Yiyulongshan Branch. Students of Datai Central Primary School and children from affiliated kindergartens were resettled in Wangping Central Primary School and affiliated kindergartens. It is reported that in order to facilitate students and parents, the District Education Committee pays special attention to the distance between the new school and the original school when coordinating the diversion of schools. For example, the students of the seventh kindergarten are only 350 meters away from the newly built kindergarten, and the Black Mountain Primary School is 515 meters away from the borrowed Jingshi Experimental Middle School. Wangping Central Primary School and its affiliated kindergarten, which are far from the original school, are coordinated by the District Education Committee to arrange student accommodation.

There is 1 middle school and 2 kindergartens in Fangshan District that need to be opened at the same time, including Shilou Town Xiacun Middle School, Liulihe Center Kindergarten, and Shilou Central Kindergarten Xiacun Branch. Among them, the low-lying Shilou Town Xiacun Middle School is close to the Dashi River, after the flood, the school playground, canteen, classrooms and dormitories are seriously damaged, the maintenance cost is high, the cycle is long, and the school cannot start as scheduled, so all 87 students of Xiacun Middle School will be merged into Shilou Middle School in the new semester. Shilou Middle School, which was less affected by the flood, and Xiacun Middle School, belong to Shilou Town, and the distance is relatively close, and more importantly, the two schools have the same leadership team, which lays the foundation for the merger. Children from Liulihe Center Kindergarten and Shilou Center Kindergarten Xiacun Branch will be diverted to nearby kindergartens.

Keyword 2 Psychological counseling

Launched the "Ask for Peace" and "Warm Sun" actions to help the affected students regain their confidence

Sudden disasters can cause acute psychological trauma such as tension, anxiety, fear, and anger. In order to help the affected students and parents "go ashore", Mentougou and Fangshan District have carried out a full range of psychological counseling activities online and offline.

"The flood broke through my door and reached my neck... The uncle of the rescue team quickly rescued me, but I couldn't go home..." Lili, a student, told Li Jin, a psychology teacher at Yuyuan Primary School in Mentougou District, her fear and anxiety. The scene of the flood came back in her mind again and again, bringing a lot of shadows to her. "Child, follow the teacher to take a deep breath, let's wipe away the tears... Let's look at the problem from another angle, our most precious life is still there, the house can be rebuilt, everything can be rebuilt, we are lucky children. Li Jin's gentle words patiently guided Lili to open her heart. During the conversation, Li Jin learned that Lili likes to write and draw, so she suggested that the little girl relieve her mood by writing a diary and drawing.

After many times of psychological counseling, Lili sent a message to Li Jin: Teacher, I feel much more comfortable in my heart and no longer anxious. The self-psychological score has also increased from two points at the beginning to nine points now. There were only a few more than ten words in the return visit information, which warmed Li Jin's heart. "We pay attention to students' psychological conditions through class walkthroughs, online home visits and other forms, and communicate one-on-one with students who need attention. Most students are stressed, and there will be some worry, low mood, etc., which will generally be relieved quickly. Li Jin said that teachers also encourage students and parents to participate in activities such as dredging and home reconstruction, "Gain happiness in helping others, and quickly recover emotions and regain confidence." ”

The Beiqing News reporter learned that since August 8, the Mentougou education system has launched two rounds of "Ask for Safety" actions, and schools have learned about students' recent family situations and psychological conditions through online and offline meetings, so that students and parents have a "reassuring pill" to start school as scheduled and go to school smoothly. At present, Mentougou District has established a mental health counseling station led by a mental health shock team composed of mental health teachers and class teachers, through team counseling, one-on-one counseling, face-to-face counseling, home visits, etc., to do a good job in psychological counseling for all teachers, staff, parents, and some disaster-stricken resettlement residents in the district. "Through psychological assessments, individual counseling, group sand games and other activities, we help some students relieve psychological stress, and at the same time open up online psychological counseling channels to serve more students and parents." Song Shuying, deputy dean of Mentougou District Education and Training College, said that members of the psychological assistance team also went to the temporary resettlement site after the disaster to provide one-on-one counseling to residents, and helped the affected people relieve tension and relax through group psychological counseling activities.

Like Mentougou District, Fangshan District also launched the "Warm Yang Action" in a timely manner, visiting the disaster-stricken students as soon as possible, providing psychological counseling, opening a 24-hour psychological counseling hotline in a timely manner, preparing a "school opening warming gift package", and preparing teaching materials and auxiliary materials to help the disaster-stricken students tide over the difficulties. Based on the existing "Xianghe Tutoring Garden" family education instructor team and psychological counseling team, Beijing Primary School Changyang Branch has set up a professional education counseling team to provide psychological emergency counseling for students and push online psychological counseling classes on the official account; Changyang Central Primary School carried out care activities for teachers affected by the disaster, calmed their emotions through "one-on-one" communication, and encouraged and helped teachers to carry out post-disaster reconstruction in an orderly manner. Changyu Central Primary School encourages parents to give more care to their children during the special period, and class teachers and psychological teachers have one-on-one conversations with the affected students and provide necessary psychological counseling in a timely manner. A total of 46 families of students in Tuoli Middle School suffered from the disaster of varying degrees. Combined with the needs of students and the actual situation, the school has carried out personalized assistance. When a student in the second (2nd) class of high school was destroyed by the flood and his belongings were washed away by the flood, the school promptly provided him with free school uniforms and dormitory items, and provided study books and supplies to ensure that the student could participate in the summer tutoring of the senior year on time.

Keyword 3 School life

The borrowing school tries to "restore" the original school environment as much as possible, and some courses are also fine-tuned

The reporter of Zhongbei Youth News learned that after the disaster, in order to allow teachers and students to get on track as soon as possible in the new semester and resume school learning life, each school not only tried to "restore" the original school environment as much as possible in the environment, but also made fine adjustments in the connection of education and teaching courses.

In the new semester, more than 140 students from Wangping Village Central Primary School and Datai Central Primary School in Mentougou District will attend classes together. "The students of Datai Central Primary School need accommodation, and our school will instantly transform from a non-boarding primary school to a boarding primary school." Zhao Jianhua, secretary of the party branch and principal of Wangpingcun Central Primary School, said that after the school starts, 47 students from Datai Central Primary School will be transferred to all grades of the school. In order to create good learning and boarding conditions for the students of Datai Central Primary School at the borrowed site, Wangping Village Central Primary School vacated the original teacher dormitory and warehouse a total of 7 rooms, transformed them into student dormitories, and prepared 30 sets of bunk beds, 14 lockers and 56 sets of bedding, pillows and mattresses to meet the basic needs of student accommodation. On this basis, in order to make students feel the warmth of home, the school will also comprehensively purify and beautify the dormitory, and uniformly prepare sheets, quilts, pillowcases, towels, washbasins, foot basins, slippers, washing cups and other daily necessities according to the age characteristics of students, so that students can "move in with their bags". At the same time, the school is also accelerating the renewal of sinks and water heaters, and the renovation of bathing rooms and isolation rooms to ensure that children have a safe, warm and comfortable school life.

After the start of the new semester, the kindergarten children affiliated to Jingshi Experimental Primary School will borrow the address to start school at Jingshi Experimental Primary School. After moving from kindergarten to elementary school, the original elementary school classrooms were vacated, the beds in the sleeping room were neatly stacked, and the independent activity area was arranged according to the regional layout of the kindergarten. The classroom environment has changed, in order to create a warm and comfortable environment for kindergarten children, in addition to packing the original toy materials of the kindergarten, the kindergarten teachers are also "restoring" the appearance of the kindergarten in the environmental arrangement, each toy will be disinfected and scrubbed, and a lot of small games and gameplay are pasted on the wall. In terms of curriculum, the kindergarten affiliated to Jingshi Experimental Primary School has also been fine-tuned. Liu Dongmei, director of the kindergarten affiliated to Jingshi Experimental Primary School, told the Beiqing News reporter that an important content of kindergarten children is to do a good job in connecting young children, "From now on, the environment is zero distance, deep into the primary school." We will combine the four preparation courses of the Early Years Pathway Program and the four adaptation courses of the first grade to do in-depth research and practice around the problem. ”

At the same time, the Fangshan District Education Commission also arranged for teachers to return to work in advance to prepare for the start of school, arranged teachers to conduct practical training, and the teaching and research team, lesson preparation team, class teachers, and each school have formulated teaching plans for the next semester. For example, after the start of the new semester, Xiacun Middle School and Shilou Middle School will be merged, and the children who are about to enter the second and third years of junior high school in the former Xiacun Middle School will still retain their original classes, and the 26 students of the first year of junior high school will be mixed with students from Shilou Middle School. In order to allow students to adapt to the new semester curriculum, teachers from the two schools communicated and integrated two weeks in advance, sorted out teaching and teaching materials together, prepared lessons, teaching and research in advance, and prepared for the "finale class".

Text/Reporter Pu Changting Ye Wan