Chengdu, August 8 (Reporter Liu Zhongjun) The reporter learned from the Administrative Committee of Hailuogou Scenic Area of Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan on the 24th that due to rainfall, mudslide disasters occurred again in many places under the jurisdiction of Hailuogou, and 24 people from 240 households were evacuated in advance without casualties.

Houses and roads after a mudslide. Photo courtesy of the Administrative Committee of Hailuogou Scenic Area

From 8:23 on August 22, heavy rainfall fell in the jurisdiction of Hailuogou, with a maximum precipitation of 24.45 mm in 5 hours (Shanshuping Station), resulting in the recurrence of mudslide disasters in many places in the jurisdiction of Hailuogou.

The house, which had just been cleared, was again buried by a mudslide. Photo courtesy of the Administrative Committee of Hailuogou Scenic Area

At 8:23 on August 14, the Luding County Meteorological Observatory issued a yellow warning of lightning, and subsequently, the relevant local departments issued an orange warning for geological disasters. According to the early warning, the management committee of Hailuogou Scenic Area quickly activated the working mechanism of "calling response" and "shouting awakening", based on the experience of coping with multiple flash floods and debris flows in the early stage, rigidly implemented the requirements of "three avoidance" and "three emergency evacuation", strictly implemented the normal working mechanisms such as early warning feedback, compulsory transfer, transfer sign-in, and life support, and quickly evacuated 05 people from 240 households in the dangerous area in advance.

At present, the Administrative Committee of Hailuogou Scenic Area has mobilized personnel and rescue equipment to carry out risk elimination on roads affected by disasters, and the affected people have been properly resettled.

Staff to calm the people who were temporarily relocated. Photo courtesy of the Administrative Committee of Hailuogou Scenic Area

According to the meteorological risk warning of geological disasters issued by the meteorological department of Kardze Prefecture, it is expected that from the afternoon of August 8 to the day of August 24, the meteorological risk level of geological disasters in southern Luding will be level II. (orange, high risk); The southern part of Baiyu and Xinlong counties and the northern part of Batang, Litang, Yajiang, Kangding and Luding counties, Danba and Daofu are grade III. (yellow, higher risk); The rest of the state is Class IV (blue, with some risk).

At the same time, the Sichuan Meteorological Observatory also issued a blue warning for heavy rain. From 8:24 on August 20 to 25:20 on August 4, there will be heavy rainfall (rainfall 4~2 mm) in the east of Ziyang, Suining, Nanchong, Bazhong 50 cities and Guangyuan, Mianyang, Deyang, Chengdu 80 cities and the north of Neijiang and Dazhou 120 cities, heavy rainfall (rainfall 180~20 mm) in local places, and the maximum hourly rainfall is 40~25 mm. In addition, there is heavy rain in some parts of central Kardze Prefecture (rainfall 35~<> mm). (End)