Beijing, August 8 (Reporter Du Yan) Today, the reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau that the bureau and the Beijing Supervision Bureau of the State Financial Supervision and Administration issued the Notice on Further Standardizing the Management of the Special Account for Migrant Workers' Wages in the Field of Engineering Construction (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice"), focusing on the supervision of migrant workers' wage payments, and further clarifying the scope of application, operation and use procedures, and wage payment monitoring and early warning specifications of the special accounts for migrant workers' wages. Implement whole-process supervision of the special account for migrant workers' wages, and prevent the problem of non-implementation of the system from the source.

After the implementation of the Circular, enterprises can freely choose the bank that handles relevant business, and the bank will optimize services by simplifying account opening procedures and reducing interbank payment fees, so as to reduce the compliance operation costs of enterprises and create a fair market environment.

Enterprises are free to choose the bank that holds a special account

The special account for migrant workers' wages refers to the special deposit account opened by the general construction contractor in the banking financial institution where the construction project is located and specially used to pay the wages of migrant workers. The Circular clarifies that it is necessary to further optimize the opening process of special accounts, standardize the use of accounts and cancel accounts.

In the process of account opening, the bank that opened the account should standardize and optimize the service process, cooperate with the general contracting unit to standardize the opening and management of special accounts, and timely mark the accounts in the business system. Enterprises are free to choose the bank that opens a special account, and banks with conditions should further optimize the service quality and efficiency of the special account by establishing a "one-on-one" special counseling mechanism for account managers, opening a green channel for special account business, simplifying account opening procedures, and reducing interbank payment fees.

In the process of using the account, the construction unit shall, according to the amount or proportion agreed in the construction contract, timely allocate the labor costs, that is, the project funds specially allocated by the construction unit to the general contracting unit for the payment of migrant workers' wages, to the special account of the general contracting unit. The allocation period shall not exceed one month, and the amount shall ensure that the wages of migrant workers are paid in full and on a monthly basis. The bank with the account shall not transfer the funds from the special account to an account other than the bank account of the migrant workers in this project, and shall not provide cash withdrawal or other transfer settlement services for the special account.

In the process of account cancellation, the Notice clarifies the cancellation process and required materials for the first time, and requires the depositary bank to cancel the special identification of the account according to the notice of the district human resources and social security department, and go through the procedures for the cancellation of the special account according to the procedure.

The first monitoring and early warning system for the full coverage of special accounts for migrant workers' wages

The implementation of the special account system for migrant workers' wages is the basic premise to ensure the implementation of the system of sub-account management of project funds and labor costs, payment of labor fees in full and monthly amounts, and general contracting of wages on behalf of the system.

The issuance of the "Circular" pioneered the linkage supervision mechanism of "social security + finance" for the special account for migrant workers' wages, breaking through the barriers to obtaining the core data of the previous special account, making up for the gap that Beijing did not have special regulations on the management of special accounts, and better realizing the closed-loop management of the whole process of monitoring and early warning disposal, implementing off-site supervision to ensure the payment of migrant workers' wages, reducing the frequency of inspections, and further reducing the burden on enterprises.

The two departments of "human resources and social security + finance" jointly formulated a standardized management policy for the special account for migrant workers' wages in the field of engineering construction, relied on the "Beijing Financial Comprehensive Service Network" to realize the data sharing of the special account for migrant workers' wages, and actively identified and discovered the hidden dangers of wage arrears early through big data analysis and key indicator monitoring. Implement city-level overall planning and linkage, territorial management of each district, unified standardization of management processes, unified text of account opening agreements, unified for all banks, unified training and guidance services, so as to facilitate construction enterprises to independently choose the banks to handle business. Establish a full-coverage special account monitoring and early warning system, and the general construction contractor will authorize the bank to upload labor fee allocation and wage payment data to the migrant workers' wage monitoring and early warning platform, and realize the comparison with big data such as migrant workers' real-name system, wage payment and attendance, so as to improve the efficiency of related early warning. Through online off-site inspections, the accuracy of supervision is improved and the burden on enterprises is reduced. Through the distribution of monitoring and early warning data, it will be handled in a timely manner by the labor security inspector of the district where the construction project is located, forming an effective closed loop of monitoring and early warning handling feedback, and improving the ability to actively manage the problem of wage arrears and handle it before litigation.

The Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau said that in the next step, the Beijing human resources and social security department will continue to further promote the implementation of the Notice with relevant departments, and continuously improve the efficiency of relevant early warning and the accuracy of supervision. The human resources and social security departments are to supervise and inspect the operation of special accounts, the allocation of labor costs, the payment of migrant workers' wages, and other such situations, supervise and rectify those who fail to sign tripartite agreements as required, fail to standardize the opening and use of special accounts, and investigate and deal with violations of laws and regulations in accordance with law. The financial regulatory departments are to guide all relevant banks to improve the quality and efficiency of special account services, supervise and rectify the untimely upload of special account data, jointly promote the implementation of departmental territorial responsibilities, and improve the coordinated supervision mechanism for the eradication of wage arrears. (End)