China News Network Xining, August 8 Topic: 20 Lancang-Mekong International Film Week will begin: unforgettable beauty of Jiangyuan Tell the Lancang-Mekong story well

Author: Li Jiangning, Pan Yujie

"I was very impressed by the natural scenery here, and I hope to come to Sanjiangyuan National Park again in the future to show the world the scene of beautiful China." China Daily photojournalist Feng Yongbin and well-known photographers, international student representatives, mainstream media reporters and cultural representatives from Lancang-Mekong countries who participated in the 2022 Lancang-Mekong International Photo Week visited the source of the Lancang River to experience the source and leave an unforgettable memory.

The picture shows the scene of the 2022 Lancang-Mekong International Photo Week event of "Drinking the Water of the Same River". Photo by Ma Mingyan

From August 2022 to 8, 9, the 12 Lancang-Mekong International Photo Week was held in Zaduo County, Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai County, Qinghai County, and Zaduo County, hosted by China News Service, Qinghai Provincial Foreign Affairs Office, Qinghai Provincial Government Information Office, Zaduo County People's Government, organized by China News Service Qinghai Branch and Zaduo County Party Committee, with China News Service as the guiding unit, Lancang-Mekong Water Resources Cooperation Center and Lancang-Mekong Environmental Cooperation Center as supporting units. Adhering to the concept of international, professional and open festival, the event is designed with the Lancang-Mekong Basin video activities as the center, comprehensively displaying the themes of natural ecology, cultural style, folk customs and other themes.

The picture shows the scene of the launching ceremony of the 2022 Lancang-Mekong International Photo Week "Drinking the Water of the Same River". Photo by Ma Mingyan

During the event, Chinese and foreign guests invited to participate in the activity experienced rafting on the Lancang River under the leadership of outdoor rafting explorer Tang Jianzhong, and felt the wilderness and shocking beauty of the source of the Lancang River. came to Chadan Township, Zaduo County, and carried out wind collection activities accompanied by the local herdsman horse team; On the Baai Chung grassland in Zaduo County, Chinese and foreign guests and local herders enjoyed the wonderful programs of the starry sky concert together, and recorded romantic moments with their mobile phones...

"In the past two days, we have seen the epic and spectacular natural beauty, as well as the unique performances and culture of the local Tibetans, which I am very interested in." American photographer Adam told during the event, "The only regret is that there is often no signal, and I can't often video with my family, because the beauty here is really not something that can be described in words." ”

The picture shows the scenery of Chadan Wetland located in Zaduo County, Yushu Prefecture, Qinghai. Photo by Ma Mingyan

During the 2022 Lancang-Mekong International Photo Week activity, the 2022 Looking for China's Most Beautiful Starry Sky Group appointed an expert evaluation team to the Angsai Grand Canyon and conducted professional evaluations from ten aspects, and the expert group unanimously passed and decided to award the Angsai Grand Canyon China's most beautiful starry sky photography base.

"In the night of Baai Yong, I can only hear the sound of the wind and grass, and I don't know if I can enter your dream tonight..." Baima Wenmao, the lyricist of "I Miss You in Baai Yong Tonight", said in an interview with China News Network last year, "Today, the Angsai Grand Canyon in Zaduo County was awarded the most beautiful starry sky photography base in China, and the beautiful starry sky gave us infinite reverie and inspiration to create this romantic song that matches it." ”

The picture shows the scene of the 2022 Lancang-Mekong International Image Week Starry Sky Concert. Photo by Ma Mingyan

"We believe that based on Qinghai's ecological environmental protection, green development and source advantages, the photo exhibition will further promote Chinese culture, showcase Qinghai's wisdom, further sustainably promote exchanges and high-quality development of Lancang-Mekong Basin countries, and further promote dialogue and exchanges between Qinghai and the world." Ma Naixin, deputy director of the Foreign Affairs Office of Qinghai Province, said at the launching ceremony of the 2022 Lancang-Mekong International Photo Week that in recent years, the Foreign Affairs Office of Qinghai Province will continue to deepen cooperation with Yushu Prefecture and support Yushu to rely on its unique ecological resource endowment to continue to expand opening up, better serve and integrate into the LMC mechanism.

On July 7, the 24 Lancang-Mekong International Photo Week humanistic photography activity was launched in Yushu City, Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province.

"The whole of humanity is human life. Humanities photographers should use their lenses to reflect the progress of the times. Xu Jinyan, a photographer from Yunnan, said, "The photographer reflects his own thinking through the echo, contrast, contrast and other relationships of the picture. ”

Xu Jinyan, who has traveled to various countries in the Lancang-Mekong Basin many times to photograph and collect styles, believes that to tell the story of the basin well with images, it is necessary to closely link with the times, not only pay attention to tradition and nostalgia, but also record the changes in the lifestyle and state of mind of the local people.

On August 8, the 21 Lancang-Mekong International Photo Week will open in Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province, the source of the Lancang-Mekong River. The event will invite well-known photographers, mainstream media, Internet celebrities, and representatives of cultural circles to visit the source of the three rivers, experience the style of the river, use the lens and brush strokes to view the source of the river, and organize photographers to create multi-dimensional images on the ground, in the air, during the day and at night. (End)