【Explanation】How to protect user privacy in the process of personalized recommendation service, how to make cross-border e-commerce and cross-border customs clearance more convenient... Recently, the 2023 Commercial Cryptography Conference opened in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, with more than 1500,<> people from experts, scholars and enterprise representatives in the field of cryptography and information security attending the conference to discuss new trends in industrial development and standardized governance in the field of commercial cryptography.

【Commentary】With the theme of "Cryptography Empowers Beautiful Development", the conference includes theme exhibition, popular science exhibition, achievement exhibition, commercial cryptographic products expo, cryptography high-end summit, cooperation project signing and other activities, with about 300 exhibitors.

【Commentary】The commercial cryptography product expo was crowded. In the Xinjiang exhibition area, Varibek, chief engineer of Xinjiang Digital Certificate Certification Center, introduced that commercial passwords have been widely used in daily life and economic and trade exchanges. For example, in overseas economic cooperation fields such as cross-border e-commerce and cross-border customs clearance, digital certificates are like a mobile official seal, which greatly facilitates both parties.

【During the same period】Chief Engineer of Xinjiang Digital Certificate Certification Center Varibek

The status of the digital economy in the international economy has become increasingly prominent, the "Belt and Road" we Xinjiang as a bridgehead, we must through our international electronic signature services, international cryptographic services, so that our "Belt and Road" digital economy construction will never become a (short board).

【Commentary】Experts and scholars and enterprise leaders in the field of cryptography and information security from all over the country attended the conference, focusing on cutting-edge cryptographic applications in artificial intelligence, blockchain, Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, etc., and jointly discussing the latest achievements and trends, norms and governance in the field of commercial cryptography applications.

【During the same period】President of Beijing Haitai Fangyuan Technology Co., Ltd. Jiang Haizhou

I have been engaged in the commercial cryptography industry for more than 20 years, and the last two years are the best time for the fastest development of commercial cryptography, so this is an important turning point, I believe that after this conference, the entire Chinese commercial cryptography industry will be more vigorous, and the daily life of our people will be more closely protected.

With the development of science and technology, technical services such as driverless driving and intelligent government affairs are gradually entering people's lives, so how to avoid privacy leakage when enjoying personalized recommendation services? Gai Wenxuan, product manager of Anheng Information, said that the privacy computing system using commercial cryptography technology aggregates the "available and invisible" data together, encrypts and calculates, and gives it to different demanders, so as to achieve "using information without seeing information".

【During the same period】Gai Wenxuan, director of commercial cryptography products of Anheng Information

Commercial cryptography technology, of course, may be for our actual people, we may not perceive when accessing these applications, but equivalent to commercial cryptography, it is actually a bit of a low-level role, and then to guard the security of people's information.

According to the provisions of the Cryptography Law of the People's Republic of China, passwords are divided into core passwords, ordinary passwords and commercial passwords. Core passwords and ordinary passwords are used to protect state secret information, and they are also state secrets. Commercial passwords are used to protect information that is not a state secret, and are a type of password closely related to the lives of ordinary people.

Reporting by Li Chaoqing, Kan Li, and Fu Yuhan, Zhengzhou, Henan

Responsible Editor: [Ji Xiang]