• Queen Letizia joins the trompe l'oeil neckline, a trend that is gaining ground on red carpets
  • How Queen Letizia has changed, from wearing only Varela to opening up to Spanish and even Ukrainian design so that her clothes say much more about her
  • What has Queen Letizia done to her hair? The change, discreet and easy, more practical for the summer

It is almost a tradition that King Felipe VI participates in the regattas during his stay in Mallorca, an event that brings together the Royal Family, in one way or another: sometimes, in the port; others, later, to celebrate the event.

That was the case last night. The Kings, accompanied by their daughters, Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofia, the Queen Emeritus and her sister, Irene of Greece, celebrated the second place obtained by Don Felipe aboard the 'Aifos' in one of the best known restaurants on the island.

It was in the restaurant Mia, a fashionable place at the moment in Mallorca that has recently opened its doors in the seaside neighborhood of Portixol, but that is not new for the Kings since it is managed by Guillermo Cabot, owner of the Ola del Mar, the restaurant that the family has frequented the most during their stays in Palma.

Don Felipe arrived at the event alone, directly after the awards ceremony of the Copa del Rey Mapfre de Vela, which took place next to the cathedral of Palma, in the enclosure of Ses Voltes. There he met with the rest of the women of his family, with whom he wanted to celebrate the second place he obtained in the competition.

For the appointment, everyone resorted to comfortable and relaxed looks. In fact, the King wore the uniform of the regatta, blue pants and white polo shirt with the logo of the 'Aifos'.

Queen Letizia bets on a Mango dress

Queen Letizia opted for her fetish color, the one that has marked her great stylistic appointments and knows that it favors her: red. And he did not premiere: his choice was a dress that we had already seen before, in celebration of the 70th birthday of his mother, Paloma Rocasolano.


It is a Mango dress in a beautiful bright red and made in a slightly pleated fabric, with halter collar, marked waist and long midi flight skirt, which accompanied with flat leather sandals and rhinestones with silver straps.


The boho chic style triumphs

Those who did premiere were their daughters. Each of them chose a dress of similar cut and boho chic style, with short sleeves, peaked neck and marked waist. Similar, but different. Princess Leonor turned to one of her favorite colors this season, green, which she has dressed in her last public appearances, with a discreet ethnic print in white. For her part, the Infanta Sofia preferred a more striking print, which played with pistachio green and purple. Also choosing a similar dress was her grandmother, Queen Sofia, whom her granddaughters, very affectionate with her, helped walk when leaving the restaurant.

Queen Letizia, very affectionate

The gestures of affection of Queen Letizia also attracted attention, both with her mother-in-law, with whom she melted into a hug at the exit of the restaurant, and with Irene from Greece, whom she helped by holding her hand.


But especially with King Philip, giving photographers unusual images between them and full of complicity.


It was a family night, of celebration, in which there was no lack of friends. Along with them were Tatiana Radziwill, cousin of the Queen emerita, and her husband, Dr. Fruchaud, both regular companions of Doña Sofía when she is on the Balearic island.

With this family dinner, the Kings begin the private part of their holiday, enjoying a few more days in Mallorca before returning to Madrid. On August 14 the King will have to be in Paraguay, for the inauguration of the new president, Santiago Peña; on the 17th Princess Leonor will enter the military academy and on the 29th the Infanta Sofia will begin her classes in the United Kingdom, at the same institute where her sister studied, the Atlantic College of Wales.

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