The 31st Summer Universiade is in full swing, where can I go after the event? Follow the reporter to Anren Ancient Town to take a look together!

Anren Ancient Town has a long history and is located in Dayi County, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, with a core scenic area of 3 square kilometers.

Anren Ancient Town, which means "benevolent Anren", is the only tourist town in China featuring museums, with a history of more than a thousand years from the Tang Dynasty to the present. Known as "China's Museum Town", it has the largest folk museum cluster in China, Jianchuan Museum Cluster, with 27 old mansion clusters, 63 modern museum venues, 16 cultural preservation units, more than 1 million collections, and 000,3 national first-class cultural relics in China.

Anren Ancient Town also has a famous key cultural relics protection unit in China - Liu's Manor, which is mainly based on traditional brick and wood structure, absorbing typical Western castle and church architectural features, combining Chinese and Western and beautifully carved. Founded in October 1958, the Liu Manor Museum, formerly known as the "Dayi Landlord Manor Exhibition Hall", is a museum that displays modern and modern Sichuan folk architecture, rural manor architecture, and reproduces the life scenes of people in the late Qing and early Min.

As the only ancient town around Chengdu with a theatrical factor, Anren Ancient Town has the Anren Theater that has been passed down for a hundred years and is still performing Sichuan opera performances, in order to welcome the arrival of the grand event and let tourists immerse themselves in the youthful atmosphere of the Universiade, Anren Ancient Town also staged the first fitness inspirational musical "Chasing Light Superstar" clip of "Love Chengdu, Welcome the Great Luck". (Guangming Network reporter Zhou Yuhan)