A French politician and member of the European Parliament accused the microphone of "bias" in favor of men against women, which sparked widespread reactions on social media.

Although the microphone, invented in 1877 and has been under development and improvement since then, is not limited to gender or category, French left-wing MP Manon Aubry, who is a member of the European Parliament, found reason to accuse him of sexist bias.

In a video posted on her Tik Tok account, Aubrey wondered about the name of the microphone while holding it, before answering that its name was "the tie microphone", and then continued her speech that it was made by men, because women do not wear a tie, and therefore it is designed to be placed on the suit.

Hence, the French politician believes that the microphone is biased to the gender of men against women, because the latter will not be suitable for her to put it in the event that she wears a dress like the one she was wearing in the clip, which prompted her to demand that it be banned, and then concluded her speech with a deplorable question, "How is there no engineer in 2023 capable of making a microphone suitable for women?!".

The clip received wide spread and mixed reactions, part of which was monitored by the program "Shabakat" (2023/7/25), including Alma's tweet, in which she said, "Women are subjected to discrimination, violence and assault because of serious problems and our genius policy talks about a male microphone."

Reagan also wrote, "It seems that Manon Aubry's political agenda and concerns boil down to her problem with a slipping microphone, everything that France suffers has put it on the sidelines in front of this great dilemma!"

Nirhan received the video differently, saying, "You take life too seriously. Manon draws a laugh on our faces, and you disturb her with your criticism," which Nada agreed with her through her tweet, "I think she is joking, it seems to be a video just for fun, don't politicians have the right to make jokes?!".

The MEP's motive for publishing the video, and whether it was joking or serious, has yet to be confirmed, especially after announcing the launch of a petition against the sexist microphone in the 2024 European election campaign.