• Cristina Pedroche gives birth to a girl, her first child with Dabiz Muñoz, to whom she has put her surname first: Laia Pedroche Muñoz

Cristina Pedroche has given birth to her first daughter with Dabiz Muñoz, an event that has taken place after months of preparation that aimed to turn childbirth into something magical, carried out in the most natural way possible: "What I want, above all, is that it is a respected birth in which we are my baby and I the protagonists", explained several weeks ago in the program 'Y ahora Sonsoles'.

With this objective he has been preparing conscientiously for some time thanks to specific meditation exercises, a discipline that he dominates, avidly reading all the books on pregnancy that fall into his hands and with specific courses of preparation for childbirth, the moment that he considers "his great challenge", as he told Europa Press.

Specifically, Cristina Pedroche has prepared herself with a hypnobirthing course to help control pain without the need for an epidural, although "the advances in medicine are for something," she said.


What is this technique, also known as hypnobirthing, to which many other famous ones have already signed up? from royals like Kate Middleton to celebrities like Angelina Jolie? "It is a preparation for childbirth that is based on replacing your fears with security and confidence in your ability to give birth and face childbirth with calm and positivity," responds an expert in the field, Carmen Moreno, founder of Positive Childbirth, trained in perinatal psychology, yoga instructor for pregnancy and postpartum and specialized in hypnobirthing.

Carmen Moreno, who defines herself as an "activist for the improvement of birth and women's rights" and is also the author of the book 'Hypnobirthing: preparation for a positive birth', of which more than 45,000 copies have already been sold worldwide, ensures that the preparation with hypnobirthing or hypnobirthing "is based on having information that comes from scientific evidence to be able to make decisions from knowledge.and not from fear", and that it is a method that "provides the emotional management tools to have the best possible birth in any scenario".

In this sense, the expert assures that her mission is to facilitate that mothers, babies and those who accompany the woman at that moment of birth have the best possible birth experience. "The desire is for that experience to be positive and empowering," so that in this way it is "the best beginning of motherhood and also of fatherhood," she explains.

When should you start preparing for childbirth with hypnobirthing? "You can start as soon as you want, there is no specific date," the expert replies. However, most mothers begin to introduce themselves to this method in the third trimester.

What are the techniques of hypnobirthing

The preparation of childbirth with hypnobirthing includes both the mother and the father, because "both must know the different techniques and put them into practice together," says Natividad García, midwife at the San Carlos Clinical Hospital in Madrid. As she explains in Natalben, these are the techniques on which hypnobirthing is based.

  • Deep relaxation or self-hypnosis. Nothing to do with the hypnosis we see in shows, in which the person's will is annulled. It really implies the opposite, it is about achieving a deep relaxation that takes us away from negative messages and connects the mother with the deepest part of her mind, 'reconnecting' with the instincts of childbirth.
  • Display of positive images: This eliminates the negative connotations traditionally associated with childbirth.
  • Breathing techniques: Breathing control helps us achieve a state of tranquility while maintaining the correct oxygenation of our body and our baby.
  • Concentration and awareness: deactivating the fear mechanism to achieve the state of deep relaxation.

Does hypnobirthing reduce pain when giving birth?

"Yes, it can reduce pain by improving the birth experience," says Natividad García. "But for this you have to instruct the couple well: it is necessary that both learn to correctly handle deep relaxation and breathing."

The technique achieves a significant reduction in pain by eliminating negative thoughts. In addition, it can shorten the times of delivery, since it relaxes and the uterine muscle is allowed to work, "adds the midwife. And another advantage, "women who prepare well with hypnobirthing recover much better," concludes the expert.

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