• Tamara Falcó's wedding dress is already in Spain. The tiara, of his sister-in-law, and the earrings of Tous are also prepared for the most anticipated wedding
  • Tamara Falcó's wedding dress: medieval-inspired, boat neckline and a simple tulle veil
  • A flood of brands offer to design Tamara Falcó's wedding dress

The best kept secret, or what is the same, Tamara Falcó's dress, has already been revealed. Wes Gordon's design for Carolina Herrera was going to be inspired by the one worn by Grace Kelly at her wedding to Rainier of Monaco. From the beginning, the designer was excited about the project and revealed that the final design had already been chosen. Asked where he had found the inspiration to create it, he says that both were looking for a design that was "modern and timeless at the same time". Tamara's "bridal muse," she says next, is Grace Kelly, "so we tried to create something that evoked that air and that sense of elegance." Quite a challenge, it goes without saying. Also, says Wes Gordon, the fabric with which the dress is going to be made is from a Spanish company.

The exclusive photographs of the Hola! shows a very smiling Tamara Falcó next to Íñigo Onieva, under the headline "the triumph of love". The dress, regal cut, with long sleeves and rhinestone details on the front. The Marchioness was veiled, in addition to wearing the diamond tiara worn by her sister-in-law and Marchioness of Castel-Moncayo, Amparo Corsini, when she married her brother Manuel Falcó. As she herself confirmed in the magazine 'Hola!', the jewels chosen will be her engagement ring and earrings from Tous Atelier that the brand has designed exclusively for the occasion.

Queen Letizia and Felipe VIGTRES

Although the similarities with the dress of the actress are undeniable, it seems that the marquise has not been able to avoid noticing the one that Queen Letizia wore when she married Felipe VI, in 2004. The Pertegaz design with chimney neckline, long sleeves and hand-embroidered details, as well as with diamond tiara and veil.

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