Can you buy a big gold bracelet for 2599 yuan? Buy gold in the Douyin live broadcast room and beware of being fooled

"Under the banner of '999 full gold pure gold', but selling silver is not a lie?" Recently, a Wuhan netizen posted a video on Douyin, questioning the false propaganda of China's gold live broadcast room, saying that the anchor introduced a certain product as "full of diamonds 999 real gold full of pure gold", only selling for 99 yuan, but the material column said "shell (mother-of-pearl)" and the inlay material was "silver S925", which was completely inconsistent with the description of the anchor. Our reporter searched on major social platforms and found that there were many similar complaints about China's gold live broadcast on Douyin.

According to the reporter's statistics, there are more than 60 Chinese gold accounts that have obtained Douyin Blue V certification. In the past few days, reporters have continued to pay attention to a number of Chinese gold live broadcast rooms on Douyin, confirming that what netizens said is basically true, and anchors usually emphasize that the goods sold support offline store inspection. However, the reporter visited 3 stores, and the staff all said that online and offline have nothing to do with it, and the store does not provide verification services for online purchases.

"Are these China Gold Douyin accounts with Blue V certification recognized by China National Gold Group Limited (hereinafter referred to as "China Gold")? On July 7, the reporter contacted Liu Kejun, spokesman of China Gold News, who said that the group's propaganda department would answer for the reporter later. But as of press time, the reporter has not received any reply.

Netizens share:

I didn't pick up the bargain and lost it

The reporter searched on Xiaohongshu and Weibo and found that many netizens had posted articles questioning the suspected false propaganda and exaggerated propaganda in the China Gold live broadcast room, and shared their experience of being "routined" in the live broadcast room. Netizens concluded that the words of the anchors in the major live broadcast rooms are similar, and the routines are extremely similar, in addition to "pointing to silver for gold", they will also exaggerate the value of goods and then discount them with difficulty, so that consumers mistakenly think that they have earned.

Netizen @ro* posted and shared that she listened to the anchor's passionate lecture for half an hour in a Chinese gold live broadcast room on Douyin, and paid for four or five products worth 99 yuan, 299 yuan and 399 yuan respectively in the spirit of taking advantage of the psychology of taking advantage of the first. After the high mood, the netizen who realized that it was wrong immediately clicked on the details page, reviewed the purchased goods one by one, and found that the 99 yuan piece was not the full gold as the anchor said, but silver, and the gold beads worth 299 yuan and 399 yuan contained only 0.03 grams of gold. According to the gold price at that time, she not only did not pick up the cheap, but also lost.

Netizen @Sleepless Sister* posted to share that she brushed to the live broadcast room of Douyin's "China Yellow Financial Xin Specialty Store" to sell a gold bracelet that is said to cost 13999,10000 yuan in the store. The anchor first introduced that there was an activity in the live broadcast room that day, and the price of the bracelet dropped by 2599,2599 yuan, seeing that netizens were still not satisfied, and finally reduced the price to 5,5 yuan. "Can you buy a big gold bracelet for 1 yuan?" The netizen was puzzled and clicked into the product homepage to see that the bracelet weighed only <> grams. "Can a <>-gram bracelet sell for more than <>,<> yuan in their stores? Play with consumers! ”

Netizen @Mind Tree Hole also posted an article to share his experience of being blocked when watching China's gold live broadcast. "It is obviously silver and gold-plated, and the anchors hang sheep's heads to sell dog meat, not 999 full gold. I posted a message in the comment section that 'silver gilding is not worth anything' and was kicked out! The netizen especially reminded everyone that when buying things, don't feel that you have earned it because of the passionate propaganda of the anchors.

Journalist Experience:

The anchor speaks the same way

According to the reporter's statistics, there are nearly 80 accounts on the Douyin platform with the word "China Gold" in their names and their avatars as the "China Gold" logo, of which more than 60 have blue V authentication logos.

The reporter learned that if Douyin Enterprise wants to carry out blue V certification, it not only needs to upload business licenses, certification letters and other materials, but also its subject nature and qualifications must meet the requirements of the platform. The Douyin account named "China Gold Flagship Store Live Broadcast Room" has more than 890.<> million followers, and the homepage is marked with "China Gold ChinaGold Flagship Store Authorized Qualification", "China Gold ChinaGold Central Enterprise Brand" and "China Gold Association President Unit", and the business qualification name is Shenzhen Wanfujin E-commerce Co., Ltd.

"Do you have to go to the store to buy a gold bracelet for at least 1,7 yuan to make the base?" At about 5 p.m. on July 10, the reporter entered the "China Gold Flagship Store Live Broadcast Room", and the anchor was introducing a gold bracelet that was said to be priced at 13998,5000 yuan in the store. The "China Gold" signboard behind the anchor and the looming jewelry display case show that the live broadcast was held in China Gold offline stores, increasing the authenticity of the live broadcast content. The female anchor held a dozen gold bracelets in one hand and a red hand of "half price of gold bracelets" in the other, bringing the biggest "welfare" of the night to nearly <>,<> viewers.

"All the sisters floated 'I want a gold bracelet', and today the gold bracelet is directly half price!"

"Today is China Golden Membership Day, the gold bracelet directly gives you 98% off don't, 8% off don't, 7 discount don't, 6 discount don't, 5 discount don't want!"

"You go to any gold store, is the gold discounted?" Never seen such a play, have you? ”

"How many moms are there in the live broadcast room? Is Bao's mother reluctant to buy things for herself? Sometimes you can't afford to buy one or two hundred pieces of clothes, let alone spend one or two thousand (yuan) to buy a big gold bracelet! ”

"Just 100 orders, exclusively for Baoma, not after shooting!"

"The link is only on 1 second, just 1 second, everyone can't grab it, don't get angry, don't lose your temper!"


The above remarks of the female anchor cooperated with the "cheering" of other staff, directly pushing the atmosphere of the live broadcast room to a climax, and the comment area was brushed by the comments of netizens who "I want to be a bracelet koi". In the end, the bracelet was on the shelves for 2599 yuan. The reporter saw on the product parameter page that the bracelet is indeed full gold, but only 4.85 grams, such as according to the gold activity price of 5 yuan per gram in a Chinese gold store in Wuhan on May 7, 513.4 grams of gold is only worth 85.2488 yuan, not the original price of 05 yuan as the anchor said. The reporter found a similar gold bracelet priced at 13998,13750 yuan in the self-operated flagship store of China Gold Jingdong, weighing about 25 grams, which is several times different from the 4.85 grams in the live broadcast room.

On the same day, the reporter took a picture of a gold bead bracelet in another live broadcast room with nearly 80,40 fans called "China Gold ChinaGold Flagship Store". According to the anchor, this bracelet contains 2 full gold beads and comes with 1299 full gold pendants, which sold for tens of thousands of yuan in the store, but only sold for 3 yuan in the live broadcast room that day. The anchor stressed that because the discount is too large, the link can only be on for 10 seconds. The reporter deliberately delayed until 40 seconds later to place the order, and found that the payment was still successful. Subsequently, the reporter saw in the product parameter column that 2 gold beads plus 1 pendants together only weighed 9.2 grams. When the reporter questioned how less than 1 grams of gold could be sold for more than <>,<> yuan in the store, the customer service explained: "This side is a flat price, not weighed, so it will be a little more expensive." ”

Later, the reporter browsed a number of Chinese gold live broadcast rooms on Douyin and found that these live broadcast rooms not only sold similar styles and prices, but even the anchor's words were the same. At the same time period, in 3 different live broadcast rooms, 3 anchors held up different activity hands of "20th anniversary celebration 100 million (yuan) subsidy", "40th anniversary celebration 100 million (yuan) subsidy" and "member day exclusive 100 million (yuan) subsidy", passionately encouraging netizens to hurry up and place orders.

Offline visits:

"There will be no pie in the sky"

In the past few days, reporters have heard in a number of Douyin live broadcast rooms that anchors have repeatedly emphasized that China Gold has more than 3000,6 stores, and the goods sold support offline store inspection. On June 30, the reporter visited three offline stores of China Gold in Wuhan, and their sales staff all said that they were only responsible for the goods sold in their own stores, and did not provide verification services for online purchases. One of the salespeople said China Gold did not open a Douyin account and did not sell silver-plated products.

The reporter learned that at present, Chinese gold jewelry is divided into "weight" and "piece", piece-rate commodities do not talk about grammage, only according to the piece price, and weight-based commodities are priced according to grammage. The reporter placed 1 piecework bracelet and 1 weighing bracelet with a similar price in the palms of the two hands, feeling that the weight difference was not too big. Ms. Liu, who is visiting the gold store, told reporters that when she encounters a favorite style, she occasionally buys piecework accessories. "It's true that it's not cost-effective to buy by gram weight, but how can it be like the live broadcast room said, a few grams are sold for more than 1,<> yuan?"

When the reporter showed the goods sold in the live broadcast room and their prices to the store sales staff, the other party took out similar goods in the store for the reporter to view. The live broadcast room claims that 999 full gold, but it is actually silver S925, and only sells 199 yuan of concentric lock necklaces, which are priced at more than 4000,2599 yuan per piece in the store; The live broadcast room only costs 5,60 yuan, weighs only 2 grams, and the rim size is about 30 mm, and the price of each piece in the store is nearly 1299,40 yuan, nearly 1 grams; The live broadcast room is priced at 9,6000 yuan, and the bracelet made of 10 gold beads weighs only <>.<> grams, and similar gold bead bracelets cost more than <>,<> yuan per piece in the store, weighing more than <> grams. "There will be no pie in the sky!" A store worker said.

The live broadcast room is advertised under the banner of offline stores, but the store staff does not buy it at all, what is going on? From July 7 to 1, reporters have been trying to contact China Gold to verify the matter, but have never succeeded. On the 5nd, the reporter saw on the official website of China Gold Group Gold and Jewelry Co., Ltd. that its online shopping malls only listed were Tmall flagship stores, Jingdong flagship stores, China gold flagship stores micro mall, China gold recycling platform, and there were no short video platforms such as Douyin and Kuaishou. In the "Contact Us" column at the bottom of the page, only the China Gold WeChat official account QR code and Weibo QR code, and its WeChat official account shows "some system upgrades", which cannot be used.

Subsequently, the reporter searched for the China Gold customer service phone number as 4008985959 on the unofficial website, tried to call dozens of times, and could not be connected. The reporter also obtained the phone number of Liu Kejun, spokesman of China National Gold Corporation, and the phone number of his party committee office. At about 7 p.m. on July 5, the reporter successfully connected with Liu Kejun and asked whether the China Gold live broadcast room on Douyin was set up by China Gold Group Co., Ltd., and the other party replied: The question should be answered by the group's publicity department, and the contact information will be sent to the reporter in the form of a text message later. But at press time, the reporter had not received any response. During this period, the reporter repeatedly called Liu Kejun's phone, always showing that he was "on the call", and the phone of his party committee office was never answered. (Wuhan Evening News reporter Fan Youhan)