Xi'an, 7 Jul (Zhongxin Net) -- "The most concentrated problem in the Yellow River Basin is the shortage of water resources. It is necessary to adhere to the strictest concept of rule of law and resolutely punish all kinds of crimes that damage the environmental resources of the Yellow River Basin according to law. Wang Xuguang, chief procurator of the Shaanxi Provincial People's Procuratorate, said on the 5th.

On the same day, the Shaanxi Province Yellow River Basin Water Resources Protection Special Action Promotion Conference was held in Xi'an.

The Yellow River originates on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and is about 5464,9 kilometers long. It flows from west to east through <> provinces (autonomous regions) of Qinghai, Sichuan, Gansu, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Henan and Shandong. The Yellow River is the "mother river" of the Chinese nation. Over the years, Shaanxi has played an important role in the ecological protection of the Yellow River Basin.

According to statistics, since 2020, the procuratorial authorities of Shaanxi Province have prosecuted a total of 1163,1703 cases and 1000,1300 people for crimes of damaging the environmental resources of the Yellow River; Supervise and urge relevant administrative organs to clean up more than <>,<> mu of polluted water areas, and clean up more than <>,<> kilometers of polluted and illegally occupied rivers.

Zheng Weiguo, director of the Shaanxi Provincial Water Resources Department, said that this special operation is mainly aimed at the illegal water intake problems in the Yellow River Basin of Shaanxi Province that are serious, have a bad impact and refuse to rectify, strengthen the connection between the approval and management of water intake permits and water administrative law enforcement, strengthen the coordination between water administrative law enforcement and procuratorial public interest litigation, carry out special centralized rectification of problems, improve the long-term management mechanism, focus on improving the level of water resources management capabilities, and promote the continuous improvement of the order of water withdrawal in the Yellow River Basin of Shaanxi Province.

The Yellow River, with its meandering nine curves, flows endlessly, nourishing the Chinese land and giving birth to historical civilization. For a long time, the ecological protection of the Yellow River has been concerned by the outside world. In the process of restoring the ecological environment of the Yellow River, how to "prescribe the right medicine" has also become a "thinking question" for Shaanxi officials.

"Ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River Basin can only be carried out when it is not completed." Wang Xuguang said that in recent years, the ecological environment of the Yellow River Basin has continued to improve significantly. However, judging from the handling of cases, there are still many illegal crimes in the Yellow River Basin such as endangering river safety and destroying environmental resources.

Li Yongliang, director of the Shaanxi Yellow River Bureau, said that with the implementation of the water intake permit system, Shaanxi Province has issued 14 sets of water intake permits for the main stream of the Yellow River, with a total permitted water intake of 5 million cubic meters. After years of efforts, the intensive conservation and utilization capacity of the Yellow River water resources in Shaanxi has been significantly enhanced, but in the face of the new situation and new requirements, there are still shortcomings in water resources management, such as the contradiction between supply and demand of water resources that needs to be solved urgently, and the rigid constraint of water resources needs to be strengthened.

In 2022, the quality of the water environment in Shaanxi Province improved significantly. Among them, the overall water quality of the Yellow River Basin reached the best level for the first time, the best level since monitoring records began.

Gao Jie, deputy procurator general of the Shaanxi Provincial People's Procuratorate, said that the legal supervision of water resources protection in the Yellow River Basin is an important part of the ecological environment inspection work, and it is necessary to promote the reform and innovation of Shaanxi ecological environment inspection specialization to improve the quality and efficiency of the special action for water resources protection. At the same time, it is necessary to give full play to the effective role of the "river and lake chief + procurator general" working mechanism, strengthen coordination and cooperation with water administrative law enforcement departments, and jointly protect the water resources of the Yellow River. (End)