Mask Singer 3 has been crowned in its grand finale. Fernando Morientes (Gorila) and Ana Torroja (Ratita) are the winners of the third edition of Mask Singer. Never before was there a shared victory, never before was there a technical draw. They had to surprise no matter how they did and they did.

In the weakest season of the three of Mask Singer it was necessary to give a blow of effect. This edition has lacked something. Maybe you've distanced one edition from another so much or, maybe, when you've hit so hard in the other two seasons, you want more. The fact is that the third season of Mask Singer has not had the spark of previous editions until the final arrived, until they made even Javier Ambrossi himself fall off the ass of the chair, until he proclaimed two winners, until he discovered that under Seahorse was Sabrina, yes, Sabrina, the one with the Boys, boys, boys, the one with the chest out, until Paco Tous confessed that he never wanted to put a woman's voice or deceive, but "that everyone has the right to have the pen they want". Brave!

Mask Singer gave the final that Mask Singer deserved. It is true that in this edition incredible characters such as Bo Derek, Tori Spelling or El Rubius have been discovered, but Mask Singer needed to explode. It's okay because he did it in his grand final, the important thing is that he did it. There will always be the doubt, being a program recorded and recorded for a long time, if what is seen is reality or is imposed. That is, if you are ready. If you see Mask Singer with those eyes you will never enjoy it.

These are moments in which it is hard to believe that the same surprise that the viewer receives is also being received by the researchers or the presenter. It happened last night when Arturo Valls announced that there was a technical tie and was blocked because he did not know who two the two winners had to take off the mask first. Well, so what? Mask Singer's interest is to play, try to guess, hit or wrong, and discover. Period, there is no more, it is pure entertainment, without more.

It was a final to match. Mask Singer brought the four most powerful masks to his grand finale. Not only because they were the ones who seemed to enjoy the most, but also because they were the ones who were most confusing. Well, everyone, except Ana Obregón and social networks, which burst Gallo's mask as soon as the program began. None of the researchers thought that under Gallo was Paco Tous, but social networks were clear from minute one.

The one who got it right from the first program who Gorilla was was Ana Obregón. It is assumed that in Mask Singer it is the masks and who is under the masks the protagonists, but in that edition of Mask Singer, the protagonist has been Ana Obregón. For many reasons, some outside the program, but most because where Ana Obregón is, everything is surprising. She, with her crazy theories; she, with her command of languages; she, with having a cousin or a cousin on every continent; She, who has been with so many celebrities, with so many celebrities. She, Ana Obregón, the absolute protagonist of Mask Singer 3.

Even Fernando Morientes confessed that he had to deceive her in one of the programs by giving her a false clue about a piece of advice that apparently Ana Obregón had given to whoever was under Gorilla. The whole edition has revolved around her. Ana Obregón has been the Sun of Mask Singer and the others have been the planets. Until Sabrina, our Sabrina, came along. What memories!

Sabrina reveals the horror of Mask Singer

It is true that the only researcher who gave the name of Sabrina under the mask of Seahorse was, again, Ana Obregón, but it was at the beginning of Mask Singer 3, so you can turn the page. Sabrina, although happy to have participated, has been the first celebrity to reveal what it means to be under those masks. The most sincere singer could not be. What a review!

"I have left my underwater life behind, but I feel perfectly on dry land," was one of the clues he gave last night in the grand finale of Mask Singer 3. After singing the mythical song Maniac, by Michael Sembello, the researchers were completely lost. Both Mónica Naranjo and Javier Calvo opted for Elsa Pataky, while Ana Obregón and Javier Ambrossi opted for Grace Jones -the great follies of Anita- and Estefanía de Monaco -another who dances-.

Although the Italian, who throughout her participation did not sing or speak once in Italian, confessed that participating in Mask Singer had been a "magical experience", she could not ignore how "terrible" it was to wear that mask. Guilt, the neck of Seahorse.

Sabrina suffered a journey in the desert during the first tests she had with the mask. He couldn't breathe, he was drowning in there, he couldn't move. She wanted to dance, jump, jump, but the mask prevented her. He prevented it to such an extent that they showed the images of those first tests and the suffering of the singer was seen. "You can't breathe in here. I'm dying being here inside my head. The Seahorseis dead. It's very hot," he complained in those first tests.

In fact, she was the one who asked the Mask Singer team to please make a hole in the neck of the mask so that the air would reach her. "It's that I don't breathe. It is very difficult, the head is very heavy. The first few times I thought I would have a heart attack. The problem is that I don't breathe well," he confessed.

And Mask Singer looked for the solution by putting a small fan inside the mask. Fabric, fabric, fabric. "The ventilator was a miracle," the singer said. Let's see that it is not a matter of celebrities who agree to participate in the program dying asphyxiated.

The deceptions of Morientes and Ana Torroja in Mask Singer

Those who had no problem with the masks, but quite the opposite, were the two winners, who are already part of the history of Mask Singer: Fernando Morientes and Ana Torroja. The two were delighted with the possibilities that the program had given them and with the game that it meant for them to participate.

The two played deception better than anyone. In fact, although Morientes was discovered in his first program by Ana Obregón, he did not give it up for lost. He tried to deceive her as much as he could, and he enjoyed, he enjoyed it very much. Because if there's one thing you can hide behind those masks, it's becoming what you've never been.

"I've danced, I've sung. It has been tremendous, "said the former footballer after confessing how shy he is. Under the discretion that gave him to be Gorilla, Fernando Morientes has imitated Sebastián Yatra; Riton and Nightcrawlers and Loquillo with The King of glam. He claimed to be used to winning and won, albeit with a shared prize.

Now, if anyone has fooled everyone in this edition of Mask Singer, that has been Ana Torroja. No researcher thought of any of the programs that under Ratita the singer of Mecano could be. Neither the investigators nor the social networks that took for granted that Ratita was Victoria Abril. How did he manage to fool so many people? Discovering everything he could do with his voice.

Ana Torroja molded her voice and took it to limits totally unknown to her so that she would not be discovered and to be able to deceive the spectators. "I've discovered things I didn't know I had," she said.

And how did Mask Singer end? Well, the only way I could end, with Ana Obregón, again, being the owner and lady of the program. He took the gold binoculars to the best researcher, and he was excited. What would have become of Mask Singer 3 without Anita Obregón?

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