Corentin Alloune / Photo credit: VALERY HACHE / AFP 09:43, July 02, 2023

After seven years of absence, Michel Polnareff returns to the roads of France since the beginning of July. Delighted to see his audience again, the return of the artist was nevertheless perilous, as he explains at the microphone of Europe 1, but he is back on the stage of Bercy where he intends to give everything.

With his gold buckles and iconic white rectangular glasses, Michel Polnareff, 60 years of career, returns to a tour after seven years of absence. At 78 years old, the singer is back in force with a dozen concerts throughout the France. And the reunion with his audience gives him, in an "extraordinary" way, balm to the heart.

A tour based on sharing

This appointment with his fans, he dreaded. "You know, I'm someone who likes to do things well and always has a doubt. And we had a bumpy start in Nice, "says the artist at the microphone of Europe 1. He advises not to come to a first date of a tour, because it is still "the break-in". But this Nice experience allowed him to bounce back and make a show "that I find really great," he admits.

The show, with Polnareff's paw, is a real exchange with its audience. "The show is both in the hall and on the stage, that is, there is a 50/50," says the singer. Like a real sharing, he delivers that it is a reunion of the artist and the people who love him in an intimate place. "Even though there are a lot of people," he laughs.

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And the goal of his tour is to clear his head. "I think we all had three years. I think that somewhere, everyone wants to show that we want to come out, that we want to sing again, that we want to realize ourselves because the news has not been great, "says the artist at the microphone of Europe 1.

A voice intact after 60 years of career and which will crisscross the roads of France until the beginning of August. He will perform Sunday evening and Monday evening at the Accor Arena in Paris.