The television season comes to an end. September will start a new era, after a season in which Atresmedia sweeps for the second consecutive year with everything.

In a season marked by the farewell of Paolo Vasile, the arrival as CEO of Mediaset of Alessandro Salem, the end of Save me and the revolution of Telecinco, Atresmedia returns to sweep. The group closes the season being leader (even with one channel less), Antena 3, being the leading chain and laSexta returning to win Cuatro for the tenth season.

The data are unquestionable: Atresmedia TV leads for the second consecutive season, despite having one channel less than Mediaset, with 0.8% more screen share than the group chaired by Borja Prado.

Thus, Mediaset Spain marks 25.9%, 0.9% less screen share compared to last year. It is his worst season in 13 years. For its part, Atresmedia closes with a 27.6% share.

In prime time it is the leader for the third consecutive season, extending to almost 3 points the advantage with Mediaset with 27.1%, the second largest share of screen in its history. In addition, the group with the most unique viewers (18.9% more than Mediaset) and the most watched in deferred. Antena 3 marks the biggest distance with Telecinco in 26 seasons.

Telecinco scores its worst historical season (11.3%) and is surpassed by Antena 3 by 2.6 points, the largest advantage in 26 courses. Telecinco drops from 13.2% to 11.3%, leaving 1.9 points in a season

A trend that Alessandro Salem is trying to reverse in every possible way in the next season with the landing of the queen of the mornings, Ana Rosa Quintana, in the afternoons of Telecinco and with the clean slate of everything that has to do with the universe Save me.

In prime time, Telecinco also falls to its worst historical record of the season (9.7%). It is in third option, behind Antena 3 and also below La 1, something that did not happen for 10 seasons.

The La 1 season does not end very well either. although the main chain of the public entity is the only one that grows this season, it is still below 10% (it remains at 9.6% share), despite the large disbursement of the World Cup, the Copa del Rey, tennis, Eurovision ... With respect to last season it only rises eight tenths.

La 1 experiences a generalized growth in all slots of the day, especially in the afternoon, where it improves 1.6 points in the afternoon thanks to its double offer of fiction and contests. From 16:30 p.m. to 21:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, he scored his best result of the last 11 seasons, with 9.6%. It is also the second option in national prime time, with 10.7%.

The greatest joys are monopolized by Antena 3. The prime time of this season closes it with a 15.3% share of screen. It leads the strip for the third consecutive season to 5.6 points of Telecinco. It also leads in the bands of greater consumption: in addition to prime time – which also wins in commercial target – it does so in the after-dinner and in the afternoon.

In June, with an audience of 13.3%, it leads again and chains its twentieth consecutive month at the head, prolonging its longest historical streak leading the audiences. In addition, Antena 3 is the channel with the most unique viewers: 12.8 million.

This is because Antena 3 has the most watched news, programs and series. Antena 3 Noticias, with a 19% share of screen and more than 2.1 million viewers, leads for the fifth consecutive season, consolidating its best historical streak and with the greatest distance with Telecinco, to 7.5 points.

As for the programs, the main chain of Atresmedia tops the top 10 of most watched programs monopolizing the top six positions: Pasapalabra, El Hormiguero, El Desafio, Tu cara me suena, El Novato de Joaquín and La Voz.

Thus, Pasapalabra closes the season with a 22.7% share of screen and 2.4 million viewers on average. It is the most watched program on television, leader with the largest historical advantage and its best result in 22 years

Meanwhile, El Hormiguero ends its seventeenth season with a share of 16.7% and 2.4 million viewers. It signs the best season in its history and also achieves the greatest historical advantage over its immediate competitor.

It is not only that from 20.00 hours, Antena 3 monopolizes the most watched programs on television, it is that it drags both before and after. A challenge that Telecinco will have to face if it wants to return to lead the audiences from next season.

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