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Clean-up after fatal accident: The motorcyclist had no crumple zone, no chance

Photo: Cevin Dettlaff / dpa

Summer is motorcycle season. And it is the time when the news agencies report horrific accidents every day. Sometimes a driving error is the reason for the accident, often it is other road users who did not see the motorcycle or pushed it off or rammed it. As a result, all cases are unfortunately very similar: On a motorcycle there is no crumple zone, an airbag that saves you, no steel that still stands between the person and the obstacle. A collision hits the driver directly.

This sad collection from a week is intended to do only one thing: to remind everyone – whether in the saddle of a motorcycle or behind the wheel of another vehicle – to exercise more caution. Hand or foot off the gas. More distance and time to react. No alcohol on the handlebars. And then there are not as many of these reports as this week:

Motorcyclist seriously injured in collision with van

A man crashed his motorcycle into a van in Bernkastel-Kues and was seriously injured. The 44-year-old was on Thursday evening on the federal highway 53 in the oncoming traffic, as the police announced. He was taken to a hospital. Since the driver was drunk, he also had to give a blood sample and surrender his driver's license.

Motorcyclist flies into embankment and is killed

A motorcyclist has died in an accident in Gevelsberg (Ennepe-Ruhr district). The 33-year-old had lost control of the machine on Thursday afternoon and had gone off the road, police said. As a result, his vehicle crashed into the guardrail. As a result of the impact, the man was thrown into an embankment and fatally injured. According to police, the motorcycle flew back onto the road and collided with the car of a 25-year-old.

Accident with tractor in Baunatal – motorcyclist seriously injured

A motorcyclist was seriously injured in a rear-end collision in Baunatal (Kassel district). The 44-Year-old stopped on Wednesday afternoon in the district of Hertingshausen at a red light, as the police announced. The driver of a tractor overlooked the stopping motorcycle. According to the information, the two vehicles collided. The 44-year-old was then seriously injured and taken to a nearby hospital. Investigations into the circumstances of the accident are ongoing.

Motorcyclist hits car and suffers serious injuries

A motorcyclist hit a car in the Rhein-Hunsrück district and was seriously injured. The biker had been on Wednesday between Kirchberg and Dickenschied with too high speed and "insufficient safety distance" on the road, said the police in the evening. The car had to brake because of another vehicle that had turned. The passenger on the motorcycle was slightly injured in the accident, according to police, the car occupants remained unharmed. The B421 was closed.

56-year-old motorcyclist dies after collision with truck-mounted crane

A 56-year-old motorcyclist fell and died in Kirchdorf am Inn (Rottal-Inn district) after a collision with a truck-mounted crane. On Monday afternoon, the 56-year-old Austrian wanted to drive on the federal highway 12 in the direction of Munich, as the police announced on Tuesday. In doing so, he got into the right-hand lane with his motorcycle at the beginning of the acceleration lane, where a 47-year-old was traveling with a truck-mounted crane. The biker collided with the crane and fell. The 47-year-old driver of the truck-mounted crane was uninjured.

Motorcyclist dies in collision with car in the Upper Palatinate

A motorcyclist was fatally injured in a traffic accident in the Upper Palatinate municipality of Krummenaab (Tirschenreuth district) on Monday. The 62-year-old Dutchman was on a longer trip with two friends, police said. One of the two friends drove at the front and overtook a truck. Because of the tight overtaking maneuver, an oncoming 19-year-old driver had to swerve to the right and skidded. According to the information, he shot diagonally across the road with the car and crashed into the motorcycle of the 62-year-old.

According to police, the motorcyclist was thrown into the ditch and suffered serious injuries. Rescue workers took him to the hospital, where he later died. The 19-year-old injured his head and was also taken to a clinic. The two friends of the 62-year-old suffered a shock and were cared for by the crisis emergency service.

86-year-old motorist overlooks motorcyclist – man dies

An 86-year-old motorist overlooked a motorcyclist when turning in Bad Zwischenahn and caused a serious accident. The 59-year-old was so badly injured in the collision that he succumbed to his injuries at the scene of the accident, police said on Monday. Why the woman overlooked the motorcycle has yet to be clarified.

Men break through fence: 34-year-old in mortal danger

A motorcyclist and his pillion passenger broke through a fence in Nuremberg and sustained serious injuries. One of the two was in mortal danger after the accident early Sunday morning, police said on Monday.

The men, aged 33 and 34, were traveling at excessive speed on an unregistered motorcycle, according to police. In a left-hand bend, the driver lost control of the vehicle and veered off the road to the right. The two then broke through a massive metal fence despite emergency braking, a spokesman said.

Motorcycle crashes head-on into truck – 23-year-old dies

In a head-on collision with a truck, a motorcyclist died in Upper Franconia. The 23-year-old was traveling on Monday on the federal highway 303 in Niederfüllbach (district of Coburg) when the driver of the truck overlooked him when turning, police said. The man had succumbed to his serious injuries at the scene of the accident. The driver of the truck suffered a shock and therefore also had to be medically treated.