Beijing, June 6 ( -- Under the background of China's promotion of the important strategy of "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality" and the implementation of the "Beijing Carbon Peaking Implementation Plan", enterprises in Beijing are actively promoting green and high-quality development. In the "Hello, Carbon Neutral" research trip held recently, took the forefront of the "dual carbon" action and visited many energy and automobile-related enterprises in Beijing.

The project staff of No. 6 energy station in the sub-center of the city introduced the overview of the energy station. Photo by Lin Zhuowei

In Hu Gezhuang, Lu Town, Tongzhou District, Beijing, the reporter visited the No. 6 energy station of the sub-center of the city, a regional energy station project that can provide cooling and heat sources for buildings.

It is understood that the energy supply area of the project is about 56,100 square meters, and through the application of natural gas and renewable energy coupling technology, the proportion of regional clean energy heating will reach 40%, the utilization rate of renewable energy will exceed 26%, and it is expected to reduce carbon dioxide by <>%.

The energy station is a landmark project of Beijing Gas Group in the implementation of the "dual carbon" action. The relevant person in charge of the group told that this comprehensive energy-saving technology has been promoted nationwide, and similar energy stations have been built in Nanjing, Baoji and other places.

The head of the group also said that in order to accelerate the realization of the "dual carbon" goal, Beijing Gas Group has also entered the photovoltaic field, and as of 2022, it has invested more than 2 million yuan in photovoltaics, and has built 4 key photovoltaic projects with an installed capacity of 4.8 MW.

When talking about the balance between economic benefits and green environmental protection, the head of the group mentioned "two 20%": first, compared with conventional projects, the investment in new projects is 20% higher; Second, after design optimization and the intelligent management and control of intelligent platforms in the whole life cycle of the project, labor costs and production costs have been reduced by more than 20%.

Also striding towards a "green future" are new energy vehicle companies. At the Beijing R&D base of Extreme Fox, a new energy brand under BAIC Group, a "BLUE Blue Plan" is being launched in the modern "Oasis" office building.

Vertical green landscape in the Beijing R&D Center building of Beiqi Extreme Fox. Photo by Lin Zhuowei

According to the person in charge of BAIC Group, through the four major actions of "technology carbon reduction, product carbon reduction, manufacturing carbon reduction and low-carbon ecology", the group will make every effort to achieve carbon peak in 2025, fully decarbonize products and achieve carbon neutrality in operation in 2050, so as to achieve carbon peak in the automotive industry first.

Compared with fuel vehicles, new energy vehicles have the advantages of "zero emissions, high environmental protection and low cost". For users, the relatively low charging fee of electric vehicles can greatly save the high fuel costs associated with the use of traditional fuel vehicles. The person in charge of Extreme Fox said, "To run 800 kilometers, fuel vehicles cost more than 400 yuan, and electric vehicles may be charged for 45 yuan." ”

In this research activity, the reporter also went to the "Double Olympics" power plant - Jingyang Thermal Power Research, which served the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. This thermal power plant in the heart of Beijing has turned waste into treasure through the retreatment of production wastewater and the recovery of production waste heat, achieving zero wastewater discharge and low-temperature waste heat release of 100 degrees Celsius.

According to the relevant personnel of its head office, Jingneng Group, the group plans to account for more than 50% of the installed capacity of renewable energy by the end of the "<>th Five-Year Plan", to this end, it will increase the research of major key technologies such as energy conservation and emission reduction, actively develop wind and solar projects in the resource-rich areas around Zhangjiakou, Chengde, Xilin Gol, Ulanqab and Datong, and promote the implementation of the "green power into Beijing" base project. (End)