In June, the government announced that the damage caused by heavy rains such as the "linear precipitation band" that occurred one after another on the Pacific side of the western Japan and east Japan was expected to be designated as a "severe disaster." We will financially support the cost of restoration.

In early June, Typhoon No. 6, which moved over the sea south of Okinawa, Amami, and Japan, brought a large amount of moist air and increased the activity of the rainy season front, and a series of "linear precipitation zones" were formed in the Pacific Ocean side of the western Japan and eastern Japan.

The "linear precipitation zone" occurred in six prefectures from Shikoku to the Tokai, and the 2-hour rainfall
was 6.24 mm in Hamamatsu City in Shizuoka Prefecture and 497 mm

in Yuasa Town in Wakayama Prefecture, the highest on record. There was a series of flood damage due to river flooding.

In addition, ▽ 5 person
in Aichi Prefecture ▽ 385 people in Shizuoka Prefecture ▽ 1 people
died in Wakayama Prefecture, 2 person died in Okinawa Prefecture
▽ 2 person died in Okinawa Prefecture, agricultural and port facilities,

Roads were also damaged.

Regarding the series of damages, the government announced that the estimated cost of restoring farmland and agricultural facilities exceeded a certain standard, and that it was expected to designate it as a "severe disaster."

The subsidy rate from the government will be inflated out of the cost of restoration.

In addition, Kimino Town, Wakayama Prefecture and
Taifu Village, Nagano Prefecture, where roads and other areas were
damaged one after another,
were designated as "local severe disasters" because the estimated cost of restoring public civil engineering facilities exceeded the standard. The government's subsidy rate is expected to be raised from 2% to more than 1%.

At a press conference after the Cabinet meeting on March 70, Minister Tani said, "I hope that the local governments affected by the disaster will work on disaster recovery without worrying about their finances or funding."