Ahead of the start of electric scooters being able to be used without a driver's license if certain conditions are met, Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo, held a safety seminar with a company that is engaged in the sharing business on July 7.

The workshop held at the Kabukicho plaza was held jointly by Shinjuku City and a company that is engaged in the electric kickboard sharing business in order to have people ride safely before the new electric kickboard system was launched.

Under the new system starting in July, electric scooters with a maximum speed of 7 km/h or less and that meet standards such as size will be available to those over the age of 20 without a driver's license.

At the workshop, we confirmed our own traffic rules for safe use, such as making a two-step right turn when turning right at an intersection with an electric kickboard.

A man who participated said, "It was my first time riding it, but it was easier to balance and easier than I imagined.

Sho Ikegami, head of public relations at a sharing company, said, "We want people to continue to use it safely by ensuring safety, and we would like to work with the police and local governments to spread the word."

Expert "You need to be careful to ride safely and also have complicated rules"

Mio Suzuki, an associate professor at Tokai University who specializes in urban transportation engineering, commented on the new rules that will make electric scooters easier to use, saying, "I think it is very good that there are more options for transportation as part of the government's policy to promote eco-friendly means of transportation in cities," but "It is a vehicle that is not suitable for riding long distances and is premised on shorter distances than bicycles. The tires are small, and when riding standing, the center of gravity is high and it is easy to fall."

On top of that, he said, "You have to understand that the rules are more complicated than bicycles, such as changing the places where you can run depending on your speed.