【Commentary】On June 6, the 21th China Xinjiang Kashgar Central Asia South Asia Commodities Fair (hereinafter referred to as "Kashgar Fair") and the first Xinjiang Exhibition of China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industry Fair (hereinafter referred to as the "First Xinjiang Exhibition of the Cultural Fair") opened a joint exhibition in Kashgar, a famous historical and cultural city in China. Kashgar "connects eight countries with five mouths, connecting Europe and Asia all the way." "With the geographical advantage of opening up to the outside world, it has now become an important fulcrum of the core area of the Silk Road Economic Belt and the starting point of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. With the help of the strength of Xinjiang Aid Provinces and Municipalities, the Shenzhen Cultural Fair and the Xinjiang Fair were held at the same time, relying on the advantages of Xinjiang Aid to expand the influence of the Fair to a more far-reaching extent.

Li Hongqi, member of the Kashgar Prefectural Party Committee and executive deputy commissioner of the administrative office

Through this fair, we will establish close relations between Xinjiang enterprises and enterprises in the mainland, Central Asia and South Asia, and build this fair into an international brand for the exhibition of goods for Central, West and South Asia.

【During the same period】Ye Jianqiang, Operation Director of Shenzhen Press Group Operation Management Committee and Vice Chairman of Shenzhen International Cultural Industry Expo Fair Co., Ltd

Through this platform, it can achieve complementary advantages and resources, and also promote the exchange, cooperation and development of cultural industries in countries and regions in Central, East and West Asia. I believe that with the deepening and cooperation of this platform, its function and industry-driven effect must become stronger and stronger.

On the same day, the reporter saw Chinese and foreign businessmen gathered at the Kashgar International Convention and Exhibition Center, where the exhibition was held. The exhibition fully docks with countries and regions in Central Asia and West Asia, highlights international cultural exchanges and cultural import and export trade, and sets up overseas cultural and creative exhibition areas, cultural products recommended by consulates and industry associations from nearly ten countries such as India, Brazil, Nepal and Pakistan. The booths were dazzling with a wide range of featured products.

【Commentary】An import and export trade co., LTD from Xinjiang Yining Chengtou participated in the "Kajia Fair" for the first time, and the food and drinks imported from Turkey, Russia and Kazakhstan represented became the highlight commodities of the exhibition.

【During the same period】Liu Qi, deputy general manager of an import and export trade limited liability company in Xinjiang Yining

Thank you very much for the platform "Karatic Fair", we have signed a list of 1.12 million at 380 o'clock on the first day today, and we expect to reach 5000 million sales this time.

As an important fulcrum of the core area of the Silk Road Economic Belt and an important node of the southern passage, Kashgar has unique conditions for cross-border e-commerce and foreign trade, deepening opening to the west and foreign exchanges and cooperation. The "Ka Fair" and the first Xinjiang Exhibition of the Cultural Fair have a total of 575 booths in five exhibition halls, of which three exhibition areas are the physical exhibition area of the "Ka Fair", 577 enterprises inside and outside Xinjiang, and exhibitors from all over the world conduct business exchanges through the platform of "Ka Fair".

【During the same period】Bektai, expert of the Commercial Representative Office of the Ministry of Economy and Commerce of the Kyrgyz Republic in the People's Republic of China

I hope that through this "Karaoke Fair", our enterprises will come into the Chinese market and can also (promote) their own products.

Since its holding in 2005, the "Kaji Fair" has gone through 12 sessions, and the scale and influence of the conference have gradually expanded, and it has developed into the largest and most influential economic and trade event in Xinjiang after the "China-Asia-Europe Expo", and has become an important platform for Xinjiang and even China to open to the west.

Reporting by Yang Tao and Chu Xu in Kashgar, Xinjiang

Responsible Editor: [Peng Dawei]