Ahead of the availability of electric scooters without a driver's license from next month, a crackdown was held in Tokyo on the 22nd, and police officers urged users to obey traffic rules.

From next month, electric scooters that meet certain standards such as size and equipment will be able to use them without a driver's license, so the number of users is expected to increase.

Prior to this, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department cracked down in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, and a total of 16 police officers gathered.

Police officers handed out flyers to users of electric scooters, such as cautions that children under the age of 16 could not use them, and checked to see if they had committed traffic violations.

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, the number of cases in Tokyo where electric scooter users were cracked down on traffic violations such as driving on sidewalks and ignoring traffic lights was 1,1663 last year, but as of the end of last month, there were 1039,<> cases.

Koji Onari, a manager of the Traffic and General Affairs Division of the Metropolitan Police Department, said, "We take seriously the fact that the number of traffic violations is on the rise, and although the new system will start next month, the basic traffic rules will not change, so I would like you to check the rules carefully and use them safely."