Ahead of the start of electric scooters being used without a driver's license from July, the Metropolitan Police Department held traffic safety classes and urged people to follow traffic rules.

Under the new electric kickboard system starting next month, people over the age of 20 will be able to use it without a driver's license if the maximum speed is 16 km/h or less and meets criteria such as size.

Prior to this, a traffic safety class was held in Setagaya Ward, Tokyo on the 18th, and more than 30 people who participated received an explanation of the new system from a police officer.

In it, the police officer explained that you can drive on sidewalks if you meet conditions such as being able to control the maximum speed to 6 km / h, and even in that case, you can only run in places where bicycles are allowed.

At the venue, electric scooters that meet the new standards and those that will continue to require a driver's license were prepared, and the participants checked the differences in speed and equipment.

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, as of the end of May, there were 5,1039 cases of traffic violations involving electric scooters in Tokyo, and accidents were occurring one after another.

Koji Onari, a manager of the Traffic and General Affairs Division of the Metropolitan Police Department, said, "First of all, I want you to learn the traffic rules thoroughly and strive to drive safely."