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Police operation in Leipzig: Violent demonstrators are said to have loosened wheel nuts


IMAGO/Yauhen Yerchak / IMAGO/ZUMA Wire

Around the demonstrations against the conviction of the left-wing extremist Lina E. in Leipzig, there have been several attacks on private cars of police officers. "Wheel nuts were loosened and tires were scratched," said Cathleen Martin, Saxony's chairman of the German police union (DPolG), on request. She did not give any figures. From their point of view, these are attempted homicides. Previously, several media had reported. It is extremely dangerous to loosen lug nuts, Martin said. In addition to the police officers, their relatives also drove the private cars. In addition, passers-by could also be injured in an accident.

In Leipzig, at the end of May, the situation surrounding the verdict against Lina E. for left-wing extremist acts of violence worsened. On several days, there had been repeated riots in the trade fair city. The situation escalated on June 3, "Day X," when police officers were attacked with stones, bottles, firecrackers and a Molotov cocktail during a demonstration. The forces had encircled more than 1000,<> people, including minors. The behaviour of the police had been criticised by numerous parties and organisations.

According to Martin, even before the verdict against Lina E., the wheel nuts on a police officer's private car had been loosened by unknown persons. She therefore also criticized the information policy of the Ministry of the Interior. From their point of view, the manipulation of vehicles should have been reported internally in order to sensitize the officers.