In response to the issue of the destruction of records of juvenile cases and civil trials that attracted social attention in various courts, the Supreme Court apologized to the bereaved families of the accident in which a male student collapsed and died during a club activity at a high school in Oita Prefecture, and revealed that it is considering restoring the records that were supposed to be preserved permanently.

In response to the discovery of the destruction of records of serious incidents such as the serial murder of children in Kobe City in 1997, the Supreme Court compiled a report on the history of the destruction and how it should be preserved on the 25th of last month.

On the 13th, the parents of Kenta Kudo, who died of heat stroke during a club activity at Oita Prefectural Takeda High School 14 years ago, visited the Supreme Court and learned directly from the person in charge that the records of the civil trial that pursued responsibility for the accident at the school had been discarded due to improper paperwork by the Oita District Court, even though they were designated as "special preservation" to be preserved permanently. , received an explanation.

According to the parents, the person in charge apologized, saying, "I apologize for the irreparable thing I did."

He also revealed that he was considering restoring the records as much as possible and preserving them at the National Archives and other facilities.

His father, Eiji, said, "It was good to hear that you want to restore the lost records as much as possible, and I hope that the same thing will never happen again."

In addition, Nami, her mother, said, "It was worth visiting from Oita because the sincerity of the court was conveyed, and since it is not just a matter of the Oita District Court, I would like to see other important court records that have been destroyed restored."