Female masturbation usually starts by chance. The caress of the sheet, the hug to the stuffed animal, the rubbing of the panties or the investigation under them,.... And it is that pleasure does not come in adolescence or with menarche or first menstrual bleeding; It comes as standard. As is logical, just as we discover through food flavors that we like more or less, our body experiences something similar with the tactile stimuli it receives.

Leave behind your adult gaze to understand that it is something natural, without intentionality, at the beginning, with the logical curiosity of childhood that learns quickly and innocently. But wise, at the same time, because few layers of culture still carry, and live their sexuality openly. They know what they like, how to look for it in their body and put it into practice, either by removing a mucus, which is done for pure pleasure, as well as the fact of going to their genitals.

Pleasant surprises we have had, perhaps doing sports, with the bathroom sponge when cleaning her vulva; So, without knowing very well what was happening, but something was happening, very clearly. And a few years later, already with erotic intentionality included, and with the jet of the shower, long live the artichoke! Moreover, perhaps, this is the most satisfying and lasting sexual relationship that you have maintained, at least, until the age of 30.

"What will this girl do in the bathroom that takes so long?" your mother asked your father, as if he imagined it, oh, innocents! "Daughter, get out of the shower now, you're going to wipe out the water in the swamps!" he shouted at you and as you moaned silently.

And it is not something exceptional, many women around the world have their first masturbatory experience in the shower. According to the study conducted by Womanizer, the international pleasure brand, seven out of 10 women under the age of 35 worldwide (68%) have masturbated in the shower or bathtub; and one in two (55%) remember that the first time was before they turned 18. There's more: 29% of women worldwide masturbate at least twice a week in the shower. In Spain, 34% of women use the shower head to masturbate and 56% used it for this purpose for the first time before reaching the age of majority. In addition, 20% of Spanish women masturbate in the shower at least once; affirms the brand.

But either by the passage of time, the R + D of the erotic toy store, which you already had to pay for a vibrator or by the boom of the suctioner, the idyll with your artichoke was losing strength; The same as that basic jet from your parents' shower. Where then were these three modalities and pressures? And who would have caught them in the 90s, my friend!

And when you had forgotten that it served for more than just cleansing your body, the revolutionary inventor of 'Pleasure Air' technology continues to break taboos about masturbation by introducing it into everyday objects, such as the shower head and launches Womanizer Wave, the world's first shower head created specifically for masturbation. Although it also serves to shower the whole family, of course. In fact, it is to offer pleasure all over the body, what did you think!

Now you've been all crazy with a face of: I have to try this! And then you think that maybe it's not worth it because now you pay for the water and not your parents. In addition, you have become aware of the environment, that age also does those things; Sometimes. But this will not be an extra expense, as the EcoSmart technology of Womanizer Wave allows to reduce water consumption by 60% compared to traditional products, without compromising comfort.

Importantly, discretion is also assured, not like when you forget the sucker when you leave the bathroom and discover your child playing with it in the bathtub. A friend told me...

Based on its extensive experience in the sector and through its extensive market research, Womanizer, in collaboration with the manufacturer of premium bathroom products Hansgrohe, has created jet settings to obtain the most pleasant sensations through the water and an ergonomic design to reach everywhere; You get me.

Their study found that, compared to a normal showerhead, Wave stimulation is 94% more pleasurable, 88% more exciting and 86% more suitable for masturbation. And it highlights some more data from the panel of testers that Wave has used during the development process:

* 86% use Wave to de-stress;

* 80% agree that Wave improves their mood;

* 74% agree that Wave provides them with a great experience;

* 87% of users experience orgasms with Wave.

For all this, it is not surprising that Wave has already won three major design and innovation awards: iF DESIGN AWARD 2023 (Product Design), German Innovation Award 2023 and Reddot Award 2023 (Personal Care Wellness Category). And yes, I've already installed it in my shower; and that's as far as I can tell...

Ana Sierra (@anasierraes) is a psychologist and sexologist.

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