The agreement reached yesterday between Yolanda Díaz and Podemos in extremis, after 10 days of negotiations marked by an open confrontation between the parties and after exhausting the deadline to register an electoral coalition, constitutes a forced exercise of unity that does not end with the division of a left torn by internal struggles. On the contrary: it has sharpened it. The stark battle for the lists shows that the priority of Podemos has only been to try to locate its c

úpula in starting posts, with special commitment to

Irene Montero

, despite the fact that its poor management invalidates it from applying for positions of responsibility. To this are added the ties contracted by the leader of Sumar when it comes to forging an umbrella under which to bring together all the groups of the radical left.

After receiving carte blanche from the bases, after an exercise of false internal democracy, the general secretary of Podemos, Ione Belarra, announced that she "guaranteed" to concur with Sumar on 23-J, but at the same time demanded to lift the veto to Montero imposed by the rest of the parties. From the ranks of Diaz they refused to extend the negotiations – despite the fact that the deadline to register the lists expires on June 19 – and consider that the representation of the purples is "guaranteed". While exhibiting this rejection, Sumar announced agreements with Más Madrid, Compromís and IU. Yolanda Díaz has taken advantage of

the electoral weakness of Podemos

to relegate the party on the lists.

The impudent distribution of the candidacies anticipates the continuation of the struggles, regardless of the fact that now the piélago of formations that converge in Díaz has staged a union that

Lacks credibility

. It will be the first time in eight years that Podemos does not attend the general elections with its acronym. This decline has contributed decisively to the unsustainable situation of the Minister of Equality, whose work was again discredited yesterday. The CGPJ raised to 1,127 sex offenders benefiting from the law of only yes is yes and the Supreme Court condemned Montero for presenting as "abuser" Rafael Marcos, ex-husband of María Sevilla, the former president of the association Infancia Libre.

In any case, the stubbornness of Podemos to fight for positions on the lists, and not for ideological divergences, cannot be avoided.

the risks involved in the option embodied by Díaz

. The amalgam around Sumar of almost 15 political forces, of nationalist or extreme left sign, reveals the absence of an idea of country in accordance with the constitutional pillars. To this we must add its interventionist tendency, as was seen yesterday after agreeing Labour and the unions the new Statute of the Fellow without the CEOE and without waiting for the generals. Although with moderate gestures, Díaz presents himself on 23-J with a populist project that, if he reaches government responsibilities, would prolong the institutional deterioration and the rupture of basic consensus.