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Man in the outdoor pool (symbolic image)

Photo: Christian Knieps / picture alliance / dpa

After isolated thunderstorms on Friday, people in large parts of Germany can expect bright and dry weather over the weekend. On Friday, it will be cloudy from the afternoon, in addition to local showers and strong thunderstorms, as the German Weather Service (DWD) announced.

In addition, highs of up to 30 degrees will be reached, while the coastal area will remain somewhat fresher with highs of around 23 degrees. At night it cools down to eleven degrees. For Saturday and Sunday, the DWD expects a lot of sunshine, again with maximum temperatures around 30 degrees. In the afternoon, showers may occur at higher altitudes.

Storms caused damage

Violent thunderstorms with heavy rain caused damage on Thursday, especially in southern Hesse. In the district of Darmstadt-Dieburg, the fire brigades had to move out in the afternoon to numerous operations, as the district announced. Streets were silted up, cellars were full. The Hessentag had been briefly interrupted due to the risk of storms, the area was cleared. Visitors were asked to get into their car or that of other guests.

After half an hour, the festival continued, according to the organizers.