"Chris Hemsworth Training" is the first search on the internet when you enter the name of the actor who embodies the Norse God. Admittedly, few people could say another Hemsworth film and even less an earlier one. So, unfortunately, the Australian is better known for that role and for the body he has to adopt to interpret it, than for his skills in front of the cameras.

Hemsworth's plan to become Thor consisted of two stages of 8 and 4 weeks, respectively. The first was about building the muscle base and the next, and shorter, sought definition. Those eight weeks he worked in three sessions in which the first was chest and back, the second legs and the last, arms. While the last month was dedicated to combining different high-intensity exercises to carve the muscles.

One of the exercises of the Thor.Javier Barbancho challenge

In my case I have 6 weeks to do all that and without the incentive of the 150,000 euros that Hemsworth took for the first film or the 20 that he took for the last. Why do I do it, then? To prove myself and to prove that anyone can pursue physical excellence at any age and at any time. "We want to find the maximum of your body, wherever it is," says Ollero.

The plan is 6 weekly workouts in which we will put mainly strength, a little cardio and mobility. "We have to go to fire," explains the Metropolitan's personal trainer. The workouts always leave 72 hours of rest for muscle groups to try to avoid injuries. There is no time left even to get injured.

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But, before starting, we must do an initial test in which it is established from which point we start. In my case, 76.4 kilos with a BMI of 22.6% and accustomed to training, only this is not about being well physically, it is about becoming a Norwegian God or, at least, in Hemsworth's representation of him.

The Metropolitan also has a machine that helps to know both the capacity of personal strength and the distribution of weights when exercising. That allows the trainer to be more aware in certain exercises if, for example, we exert more force with one leg or the other. Technology, again, to prevent injuries and optimize exercise. Thor may have exercised with a hammer, but in the twenty-first century technology is indispensable when planning sessions and types of training.

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"You eat little", with this phrase I was received by the nutritionist of the NH Metropolitan, Elena Pareja, and the other leg of this challenge Thor. "To build muscle you have to have bricks to do it," he explains while pointing out the need to eat 3000 calories a day, many of which must be protein.

Initial moment of the challenge Thor.Javier Barbancho

Eggs, cheese, smoothies and steaks, lots of steaks. We are talking about 130 grams of protein from meat, "it seems little, but keep in mind that a chicken fillet has only 30 grams." Conclusion: you have to take 5 a day to support the workload that comes, which is not little.

Chris Hemsworth's trainer, Duffy Gaver, spoke of the actor's combination to become the Norse God and rejected the use of steroids: "It's just red meat, heavyweights and protein powder. He embroidered every workout. He just decided to look like Thor." We will have to try to imitate him.

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